About JNW

JNW provides timely, well-sourced news headlines via text messages to reach you on your mobile phone wherever you may be.

Concisely written text news reach you faster and more conveniently than news delivered via other media such as internet, radio or television. As JNW news is delivered to your mobile, you won’t miss key news headlines and events when they happen.

At all times, JNW aims to be a facilitator of sharing news, views and experiences by citizens. i.e. JNW aims to be driven by public news priorities and needs. Started by a group of journalists, JNW reports Sri Lankan news for Sri Lankans and those who want to be informed of happenings in the island.

JNW pioneered SMS breaking news in Sri Lanka and is one of the first in the Asian region. JNW commenced operations in April 2006. JNW together with Mobitel was the first to launch SMS news in Sri Lanka in June 2007.

Our Ethics

JasmineNews has a strong focus on ethics.
We believe in the following:

  • Ensure headlines are non-judgmental with clear observations.
  • Correct all misleading and incorrect headlines immediately with a clear CORRECTION tag.
  • Ensure ethnic diversity among journalists so as to reduce bias.
  • Make news available to those who request it on a pay-what-you-can basis.
  • Aim to be a trilingual news service.
  • Aim to reinvest in improving the quality of news, and operate as a public service.
  • We believe news gathering is not independent of the people whom around news is centered and their needs come first.
  • Pay an adequate salary to journalists.
  • At all times, facilitate a sharing of information and experiences by subscribers and public alike.
  • Source all news clearly and provide names of sources quoted on the JNW web site. Verify all headlines from at least 3 different sources.

JNW started reporting news in April 2006 and is accredited with the Information Department of Sri Lanka.
The policies of JNW are based on communication best practice such as work of Marshall Rosenberg in Nonviolent Communication cnvc.org.


JNW has team of freelance reporters and staff with experience working for a number of leading Sri Lankan and international news agencies.

Our Subscribers

JNW is currently available on Mobitel and Tigo networks.


JNW is backed by cutting-edge technology provided by Mobitel and other telecom operators which ensures JNW mobile news is delivered to subscribers on any network in Sri Lanka.

Support JNW

Jasmine Newswires has a team of regional freelance reporters who act as eyes and ears in their communities and are in a position to relay regional news. JNW aims to strengthen the capacity of these journalists. JNW news services, based on direct contact with the public via mobile telephony, also supports a new model of public journalism that places the potential of reporting in the hands of the public.


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