2nd Public Meeting On Disappearances Held

August 2, 2007 at 3:59 pm · Close Watch

Public Meeting On Abductions   A lady cries for her missing husband and two sons at the second public meeting on disappearances held in Colombo 12 on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by about 300 people who wanted to show support for the families in pain over disappearances and abductions in Sri Lanka. The meeting was organized by the Civil Monitoring Commission.

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  1. Santhirasegaran says:

    The cry of those who lost their beloved would and should bring curse to the abducters and those who aid them

  2. Jack says:

    Yes Santhirasegaran, I fully agree with you. It should bring CURSE on the abductors and THOSE who AID and Protect them and they should be made to suffer from Plague and Disease which is UBCURABLE so that they would be able to realize the pain and suffering of the families of the abducted victims.

  3. JS says:

    Jack, are you feeling outraged and heartbroken when you see the pain and suffering of the families of the abuducted victims? Are you so much wishing for those who do the abudctions and those who aid them to see and understand this pain and to stop doing things that create so much pain? (I am asking these questions because I am wanting to understand the pain in your heart which leads you to wish to cause suffering from Plauge and incurable disease on others)…

  4. Jack says:

    Yes JS i do, b’cause I am human and I can understand and feel the the pain and sufferings of the helpless unlike the beasts who do these things.
    They are really beasts with no heart and they should be made to suffer so that they could understand the pain and suffering of the helpless. JS one question please, no hard feelings. Tell me dont you feel a sense of grief and sorry when you see what’s happening around you. Just remember this , today it is someone unknown who is abducted but tomorrow it may be someone whom we know…………

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