Public Blog

You can now post your views, news, and experiences on a public mobile blog via your mobile phone from where ever you may be by texting +94-777598770. With a short SMS you can share your comments with other website readers fast and conveniently.

This space will be moderated. Messages posted here are NOT verified by JNW.
While not essential, we request you try and follow the following guidelines:

1) Try and break the SMS into multiple text messages as SMS texts under 160 characters (the length of 1 SMS) are easier to post quickly on the website.
2) Identifying yourself by a pseudonym or shortened name will help readers remember your previous posts. Use of one mobile number will also help the post moderator recognize those who post regularly and have not misused this space.

3) Its good practice to mention a source or sources for a news message which raises the credibility of a news item.

Messages posted here are NOT verified by JNW. Messages will be moderated along the following lines:

1) Messages that might cause public alarm will be held back or not posted unless information sent from multiple sources raises the validity of the message.

2) Messages that contain judgement and assumptions about others may be held back as it they can slander and defame those mentioned. The same, if rephrased to express how one feels, or what needs of yours are met or unmet (i.e. how you are personally affected) can be posted.

While messages posted are not verified by JNW, news confirmed by JNW with named sources will be posted in the JNW News section.

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