A lady who was kicked out of Wimbledon by Nick Kyrgios after he suspected her of being intoxicated is suing him.

Earlier this year, Nick Kyrgios had a fan removed from Wimbledon on the grounds that she was intoxicated and disruptive. Now, the Polish medical attorney is suing him. According to Anna Palus, the Australian caused her “serious injury and suffering” on Tuesday. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Nick Kyrgios had a fan booted from the crowd earlier this year during the Wimbledon men’s final on the grounds that she was intoxicated and unruly.

The woman is currently suing the Australian tennis player for “substantial injury and suffering.”

Kyrgios protested to the umpire about Anna Palus, a 32-year-old Polish medical lawyer, talking to him during points during the Wimbledon match in July, leading to her temporary ejection.

Kyrgios said to the Palus representative, “She’s intoxicated out of her mind in the front row.” “The one who seemed to have consumed around 700 drinks.”

After the event, July 10, 2022 Palus informed the media that she wasn’t intoxicated and was merely trying to uplift the 27-year-old. Chris Hammer (@ChrisHammer180) She also expressed regret for how she had behaved, blaming the heat.

But on Tuesday, she said in a statement that she had filed a defamation lawsuit against Kyrgios.

In her statement, Palus claimed that Nick Kyrgios made a careless and completely unfounded accusation against her during the final. which was issued through her solicitors, Brett Wilson.

In addition to leading me to be temporarily removed from the arena on that particular day, Mr. Kyrgios’s false claim was broadcast to millions of people across the world and read by them, causing myself and my family very severe hurt and sorrow.

“Any damages collected will be donated to charity,” Palus stated.

She expressed her wish that Mr. Kyrgios would consider the hurt he had done to her and her family and quickly resolve the issue. “But if he won’t do that, I’m determined to winning my case in the High Court,” the speaker continued.

Insider’s request for comment was not immediately answered by Kyrgios’ agency, EVOLVE.