A TikToker recreated Ana de Armas’ luxury dress from the Venice Film Festival using trash bags and food wrappers.

A popular TikToker recreated Ana de Armas’ red carpet outfit with trash bags. De Armas wore the pink Louis Vuitton gown to the Venice Film Festival premiere of “Blonde.” Marilyn Monroe is portrayed by De Armas in the film, which is a fictitious account of her life. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Millions of people have seen a TikToker’s video in which she used common household objects to duplicate star Ana de Armas’ Venice Film Festival outfit.

On September 11, @angelicahacks posted a video posted a video on TikTok in which she recreated de Armas’ outfit and accessories using pink trash bags and packaging commonly used to package fruit.

The ultimate result resembles de Armas’ pink halter-neck gown, which was specially constructed for the actor’s newest movie “Blonde,” in terms of both shape and color. Louis Vuitton clothing can cost up to upwards of $10,000. in according to Hello magazine .

In the film, De Armas, who plays Marilyn Monroe, also donned a statement necklace from the line Only Natural Diamonds , for which she is a global ambassador . The apple netting packing from the grocery shop, a black ribbon, and a clove of garlic were used by the TikToker to reproduce the piece.

@angelicahacks #anadearmas #venicefilmfestival @angelicahacks 0 @angelicahacks 1 @angelicahacks 2 Over 132,000 people liked the video, which earned 2.6 million views. The TikToker’s inventiveness was commended in a number of responses. Some people stated that they preferred the TikTok version of the dress to the designer one, while others claimed that she used the material in a “original” and “futuristic” way.

The creator, whose name is identified as Angelica Hicks on TikTok, has over 86,000 followers and regularly receives millions of views for her movies in which she imitates famous celebrity and designer outfits with less expensive everyday products.

@angelicahacks @angelicahacks 3 @angelicahacks 4 @angelicahacks 5 @angelicahacks 6 @angelicahacks 7 @angelicahacks 8 recreated Taylor Swift’s silver Oscar De La Renta VMAs outfit on August 30. There were 1.7 million views of the video.

3.3 million people saw an @angelicahacks 9 that used shoelaces and a cotton jumpsuit to replicate a black satin jumpsuit worn by Kim Kardashian.

posted a video 1 created her own rendition of a Carolina Herrera dress from their 2015 collection as part of posted a video 0, which took place from September 9 to September 14. There were nearly 7 million views of the video.

De Armas’ attire was a nod to Marilyn Monroe’s famous white gown from the 1954 film “Seven Year Itch,” which she posted a video 8 while perched atop a subway grate.

De Armas captioned an posted a video 9 of herself wearing the garment on her according to Hello magazine 0, “A night I’ll always remember. I want to thank everyone for their lovely support and energy. Love!”

A N A D E A R M A S (@ana d armas) shared a blog entry.

Along with Bobby Cannavale, who plays Monroe’s second husband Joe DiMaggio, Adrien Brody, who plays Monroe’s third husband Arthur Miller, and Julianne Nicholson, who plays Monroe’s mother according to Hello magazine 1, De Armas attended the “Blonde” premiere. Based on the same-titled Joyce Carol Oates novel, the movie is a dramatized account of Marilyn Monroe’s life and ascent to fame.

De Armas was previously best recognized for her roles as Marta Cabrera in Rian Johnson’s according to Hello magazine 3 and as Paloma in the James Bond movie according to Hello magazine 2.