According to reports, Gisele Bndchen has been consulting with a divorce attorney for “weeks.”

According to allegations that appeared on Tuesday, Gisele Bndchen and Tom Brady hired divorce lawyers in the wake of suspicions of a troubled marriage, and they have apparently been working with one for “weeks.”

People said that Bndchen has been working with a divorce lawyer for “a time” and that both parties had retained lawyers.

The person added: “This is not something that suddenly happened today.” “Gisele has been talking to a divorce lawyer for long, but to my knowledge has not filed anything and is still talking to Tom about their troubles,” the source informed the site.


The source went on to say, “When the financial reality hit in, many folks who had conversations with attorneys decided against proceeding. But in this instance, both parties are wealthy and the issue is not one-sided, so things might be different.”

When Fox News Digital contacted Tom Brady’s agent regarding the claims that the seven-time Super Bowl champion and his wife have hired divorce lawyers, the representative was unable to respond.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bndchen have been married since 2009.

According to Page Six, Brady and Bndchen have both hired attorneys and are determining how to divide their assets.

A insider told the newspaper, “I don’t think there will be any coming back now.” They both have attorneys and are analyzing the terms of a split, including who would receive what and how much money will change hands.

Concerned about Tom Brady’s return to the NFL, Gisele Bundchen says she wishes he could be more present.
According to reports, the 13-year-married pair is taking time off. Recently, Bndchen has made a few appearances in Miami without her wedding band.

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that both Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele, hired divorce attorneys.

Brady declared his retirement from football in July. The 45-year-old stated he wouldn’t give up the sport just yet a few months later.

As a result, there have been rumors that Brady and Bndchen have been spending a lot of time apart this summer.