According to Shania Twain, Lyme disease used to cause her to pass out while performing.

In her recent documentary “Not Just A Girl,” Shania Twain discussed how Lyme disease caused her to lose her voice. The singer claimed that she frequently passed out while performing and feared falling. Twain claimed that her voice was “never the same again” after she had recovered from the illness. In her new Netflix documentary, “Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl,” Shania Twain revealed how Lyme disease caused blackouts during live concerts and nearly meant the end of her career.

Twain’s entire career is shown in the new movie, which had its platform debut on Tuesday. Twain describes how she fell ill with Lyme disease, a bacterial infection brought on by a tick, during the close of her early 2000s international tour in support of the album “Up!” She claimed that while riding a horse, a disease-carrying tick bit her.

Before I was diagnosed, I was on stage, very dizzy, and I was losing my balance, so my symptoms were quite frightening, Twain stated. “The stage is pretty high, and I was worried that I would fall off. I was thus avoiding the edge completely. I was making adjustments to my actions.”

I was experiencing these extremely brief blackouts every minute or every 30 seconds, she continued.
Twain claimed that although she overcame the illness, her voice “never the same again” and she believed she would never be able to sing again.
The vocalist described how the airflow “just went into this bizarre flanging, loss of control.”

said in interviews that in order for her voice to recover from Lyme illness, she needed to undergo two open throat surgeries and physical therapy. In 2020, she revealed that it took seven years for a doctor to diagnose her. on the British discussion show “Loose Women.”

“You begin to avoid speaking on the phone and going to environments with background noise where you must shout over other people’s voices. It’s quite crippling, “She spoke.

The documentary also demonstrates how Twain’s return to music was made possible by Lionel Richie.

Richie wanted to work with Twain in 2011 when she was healing. Richie eventually persuaded her despite her initial reservations, and as a result, they covered “Endless Love” in 2011. Twain was inspired to resume his musical performances as a result.

Currently available on Netflix is “Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl.”