Actor claims Bill Murray “dangled” Seth Green over a “garbage can” on the set of SNL when he was 9 years old.

The 72-year-old actor’s alleged inappropriate and derogatory behavior on numerous television and film sets has been brought up by a number of his former co-stars.

Seth Green, who plays Seth on “Family Guy,” has made a new accusation against Murray. Green claims that, in 1981, when he was 9 years old and on the set of “Saturday Night Live,” which Murray was guest hosting, Murray “dangled” Green over a trash can before dropping him.

Green reveals on the “Good Mythical Morning” program that he briefly appeared on the program around the Christmas holidays.

Green quotes Murray as saying, “He observed me sitting on the arm of this chair and made a huge fuss over my being in his seat.” ‘ I thought, “That is ludicrous.” I’m perched on this couch’s arm. There are many sofa lengths available. Please, F off. Then he said, “That’s my chair.”

Bill Murray is called out by GEENA DAVIS for using a massage device, saying, “I SAID NO MULTIPLE TIMES.”

According to Green, “my mum said, “You know, since he’s the Bill Murray, you should maybe give him his seat.” And I respond, “Are you this much of a jerk?” I’ve never been more offended to hear that this chair’s arm is broken. To tell a 9-year-old to leave your — what is this power play? — you’re this harsh, right?

According to Green, Murray “pulled me up by my ankles… held me upside down… and things got physical.” The trash goes in the trash can, he said as he hung me over one.

He remembers, “I was shouting, and I swung my arms and flailed madly, full contact with his balls. He threw me into the garbage can, which then topples over. I was appalled. Green claimed that after fleeing, she went behind the dressing room table and sobbed uncontrollably.