After the far-right conspiracy theorist failed to show up in court to hear the testimony of Sandy Hook dad, Jones was labeled a coward.

In testimony for Jones’ defamation case, a Sandy Hook father referred to Jones as a coward. Jesse Heslin, son of Neil Heslin, died in the mass shooting in 2012 at the age of 6. Heslin expressed his desire that Jones will be held accountable for his fabrications concerning the incident during this trial. After the far-right conspiracy theorist broadcaster skipped the chance to hear his evidence during Jones’ defamation damages lawsuit, the father of one of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims blasted Jones as “cowardly.”

“It seems disrespectful to me. Alex Jones’ decision to avoid looking at me in this courtroom, in my opinion, is cowardly “When asked by his counsel on Tuesday about how it makes him feel that Jones did not appear in court as he was testifying, Neil Heslin said.

Heslin remarked that Jones, who has only seen a portion of the trial in Austin but is scheduled to testify in his own defense, “has not had the fortitude to confront me at this time.”

Jones’ lawyer earlier informed the court that Jones has a “medical problem” that might make it impossible for him to attend the trial, but the attorney didn’t provide any other information.

The parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, have filed a defamation lawsuit against InfoWars founder Alex Jones and his media outlet Free Speech Systems for their false claims regarding the 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and six educators.

Jones repeatedly told his viewers following the slaughter that the shooting was a “big fake” organized by the government using “crisis actors.”

Due to Jones’ ten-year “huge campaign of misinformation” about the incident, Heslin and Lewis were subjected to years of abuse and harassment by Jones’ supporters, a different parent’s attorney previously testified in court.

Heslin claimed to have had a “living hell” in his testimony to the jury on Tuesday as a result of “Alex Jones’ negligence and irresponsibility and the lies he sold for his own riches and success.”

Heslin recalled that two years prior, someone had fired a shot at his home, calling it “disturbing.”
Heslin declared, “My life has been threatened. “I fear for my life, my safety, and the protection of my family.”
Heslin remarked that any potential apology from Alex Jones was useless.

Heslin claimed he sought monetary compensation because Jones’ statements lacked sincerity and he wanted to use this as a deterrent to stop him from spreading misinformation.

“Don’t turn around and carelessly go back to what you did before, even after saying you’re sorry,” he said.
He claimed that Jones had a platform and a “very loud voice.”
Heslin asserted that “this trial is the only way I can regain my credibility and my reputation.”

For his portrayal of the rampage that resulted in the bloodiest school massacre in American history, Jones has already been found responsible for defamation by a court in Texas and one in Connecticut.

Jones’ obligation to pay Heslin and Lewis, who are requesting $150 million in compensatory damages, will be decided by the jury in the trial.