After the reporter inquires about the number of candidates running alongside him, Biden responds, “Count, kid, count.”

Prior to the midterm elections on Thursday, President Biden dodged questions about his lack of appearances on the campaign trail, yelling at a reporter who pressed him on the subject.

Biden’s White House has been questioned about his limited schedule all week; according to numerous accounts, Democrats in close races see his presence as a negative. On Thursday, while Biden was making his way aboard Marine One, a reporter questioned him about his upcoming campaign.

John Fetterman will be with you today in Pennsylvania, but not many candidates have been campaigning alongside you. Why?’ a journalist queried.
That is untrue. There are 15 of them! Count, you little one! Okay?” the president questioned.
“All well, and will there be any more?” The journalist persisted.

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Yes, Biden replied.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the communications secretary for the White House, defended Biden’s campaign schedule on Monday. She was questioned by reporters about whether candidates in pivotal states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio had asked the president to appear.

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Earlier in the week, Biden was supposed to meet privately with Fetterman; however, the meeting was changed to a public appearance.

At the briefing, a reporter said to Jean-Pierre, “Biden has plans to be in Pennsylvania and Florida, but behind closed doors with two of the Democratic candidates.” There is a political affairs office at the White House. Have candidates in some of those other states—Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan—called them to say that they would love for the president to visit?

Jean-Pierre said, “I don’t have any calls to read out.” “We have no calls or private chats to read out,” was the statement.
She continued by mentioning Biden’s recent trip to the West Coast, during which he supported Democratic governor candidate Tina Kotek in Oregon.