As the White House and media distort figures, New Yorkers respond to the question of whether the US is in a recession.

In order to get their opinions on the media’s talking points and the overall state of the American economy, Fox News Digital conducted interviews with residents of New York City.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! New Yorkers were largely divided on whether the US economy is currently in a recession, in contrast to left-leaning media outlets, which are all in agreement that the US economy is not currently in a recession.

One New Yorker told Fox News Digital on Monday, “I don’t think we’re in a recession.” “Technically, several signs can suggest such, in my opinion. I don’t believe that we are experiencing a recession.”

He continued by acknowledging growing prices while asserting that the Fed and the White House are “doing their best” and that the economy as a whole is doing rather well, particularly when compared to other nations.

While it did felt like one before the city reopened after rigorous COVID restrictions, another lady Fox News Digital spoke to near Times Square said it doesn’t feel like the country is now going through one.

A New Yorker told Fox News Digital she did not believe the country was currently experiencing a recession, and said things have gotten better since COVID restrictions were lifted.

According to a New Yorker who spoke with Fox News Digital, the country is not now going through a recession, and things have improved as a result of the removal of COVID limitations. (Fox News Online)

“I don’t believe there is a recession because many jobs have been created. Although the pandemic continues, I don’t believe there is a recession because so many people are employed. They may leave, “Added she.

A man who spoke near Radio City Music Hall claimed that while some industries are experiencing the effects of the recession “a little bit harsher” than others, for many others in New York City, things are “business as usual.”

“A little of the inflation hurts. But these things change over time. It is cyclical. I’m hopeful and believe we’ll rebound fairly well. I prefer not to refer to a situation as a recession only because the media is reporting one thing or another; I believe everything will be OK “Added he.

Others in New York, however, were sure that the nation is currently experiencing a recession and, in some cases, criticized the media and politicians for coming to a different conclusion.

A New Yorker told Fox News Digital that the media and the White House are 'changing the definition' of a recession.

According to a New Yorker who spoke with Fox News Digital, the White House and the media are “shifting the meaning” of a recession. (Fox News Online)

Another New Yorker affirmed, “It is a recession.” “You realize they’re attempting to alter the definition. Therefore, I believe that a recession lasts for two quarters before it is declared. So even after two quarters of declining GDP, they continue to deny that a recession is taking place.”

He stated that the media varies its viewpoint depending on whether a Democrat or a Republican is in charge and that they are attempting to avoid “the fact” that there is a recession.

Another New Yorker expressed her lack of “super confidence” in the current state of the economy and claimed that rent increases in particular are “out of control.” She also shot against the notion that a robust labor market proved that the definition of a recession was incorrect.

She said, “The people in authority clearly need to be doing better.

This New Yorker said the U.S. is experiencing a recession, and cited the rising cost of 'everything,' especially rent, in New York City.

The growing cost of “everything,” particularly rent, in New York City, one New Yorker claimed, is evidence that the United States is in a recession. (Fox News Online)

After GDP figures revealed consecutive quarters of negative growth as the U.S. economy enters a recession last week, The Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, and others embraced the White House definition of a recession. Pundits on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and other outlets also played up the idea of “fears” of a recession rather than recognizing the U.S. was now, by definition, going through one.

Other reports on CNN, CBS News, MSNBC, NBC News, and ABC News mostly avoided claiming that the US is in a recession while highlighting increases in consumer spending and employment.

Fox News Digital’s assistant editor is Nikolas Lanum.