Asia is getting closer to conflict as China’s Xi Jinping consolidates his control.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! A messianic dictator, already regarded as the most powerful person in the world, is about to acquire total control over the nation with the greatest population.

Generations will remember what happens next. President Xi Jinping of China is likely to push China into conflict.

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party, which opens on Sunday, is where the action begins. The new Politburo Standing Committee’s members will be unveiled as they emerge from behind a curtain at the Congress’s first plenum, which meets right away after the Congress concludes. Everyone anticipates Xi to be in charge for the ensuing five years. Furthermore, the majority believes he will be able to use his power almost completely unchecked during this term.

To counter Chinese aggression, the Senate is preparing to give Taiwan billions in military aid.

With this much authority, what will Xi do? He wishes to, among other things, remake the world’s map, using force if necessary. China has intensified efforts to annex nearby countries, particularly India, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines, during his ten-year reign as supremo.

But his objectives go well beyond the borders of China. Xi is an innovator. He uses words that have a good vibe to them, such “a community of shared future for mankind.”

However, his words conceal a stunning ambition. Xi has been advancing the idea from the imperial era that Chinese emperors had a duty to dominate the world as well as tianxia, or “All Under Heaven,” as made plain by his subordinates.

According to Xi Jinping’s 2017 New Year’s Message, “The Chinese have long believed that the world is one and that all people are members of one family under heaven.”

However, why stop with Earth? Chinese officials mentioned the moon and Mars as Chinese property in 2018.

Taiwan is currently a target of particular attention for Xi. In its Work Report to the National People’s Congress in March, the Chinese central government stated that it was dedicated to “resolving the Taiwan question in the new era.” This yearly statement now includes a deadline for annexing the island republic for the first time since Xi became office in late 2012.

One of Xi’s favorite words is “new era.” He began using it in November of last year and has given a brief explanation of its significance in earlier remarks. In 2019, he declared, “We should not permit this issue to be passed down from one generation to the next.” Many consider his time at the head of the Chinese political system to be the “new era.” In other words, Xi is confident that he will unite Taiwan with the People’s Republic of China. In any case, he has declared that doing so will demonstrate his legitimacy.

In addition, he has been putting Taiwan under his control. The fastest military buildup since the Second World War is here, of sure, but what is more terrifying are his efforts to mobilize the civilian populace.

For instance, he introduced National Defense Law amendments that were operative on January 1st of the previous year. The Central Military Commission of the Communist Party received authority from the State Council, a civilian arm of the central government, as a result of the changes, which call for the widespread mobilization of society. The CMC, as it is known, is led by Xi.