At the prison where she worked, a dog trainer fell in love with a killer and let him out of his box.

When she first met John Manard, a convicted murderer, Toby Dorr was in charge of a prison dog training program. Manards allegedly listened to Dorr when no one else would, which led to her falling in love with him. Dorr received a 27-month sentence for aiding Manard in escaping. She claims to be a different person now. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! At the age of 47, Toby Dorr fell in love with a murderer and helped him escape from the federal prison where she worked.

Her narrative was turned into the Lifetime film “ Jailbreak Lovers ,” which made its debut on July 2.

Dorr claimed that before she became involved with a criminal and ultimately turned into one herself, she never broke any laws or rules. She married the first man she dated, prioritized childcare, attended church, and worked at a corporate position. When Dorr met John Manard, a convicted felon, everything changed.

When Dorr first met Manard, her emotions of unimportance, loneliness, and perplexity had reached an all-time high, according to her interview with Insider. He joined the group of prisoners at Kansas’ Lansing Correctional Facility who trained dogs as a result of her program. Manard addressed Dorr about personal concerns after a year on the job.

“What’s going on in your life, he asked me? as you seem to be upset. Even my husband had not inquired about how I was doing, you know. I was having a lot of trouble with a lot of things, “Dorr spoke to Insider.

She claimed that he listened as she spoke about her dying father, empty marriage, miscarriage, and thyroid cancer diagnosis. Dorr claims that the 25-year-confidence old’s caused her to be drawn to him. Two years after they first met, in February 2006, Dorr assisted Manard in escaping from jail. Before authorities caught up with them after 12 days on the run, the two were detained.

Dorr served 27 months in federal prison after being arrested for assisting Manard in escaping in a dog box. She entered a guilty plea to both a federal charge of knowingly giving a firearm to a felon and a state charge of aiding and abetting a prisoner’s escape.

According to Dorr’s interview with Insider, her tragic love affair with Manard and subsequent incarceration sparked her quest for recovery.

DORR’S HUSBAND WAS BRINGED UP BY MANARD, AND SHE FINALLY ACCEPTED HER UNHAPPY WEDDING. When Manard inquired about her marriage and then declared his love for her, according to Dorr, she felt an emotional connection to him.

One day, according to Dorr, she went directly to work from the hospital where she had been seeing her father, who was being treated for stage-4 bladder cancer. They regularly interacted at that time because Manard was a regular dog trainer in her program.

She must have appeared upset because Manard enquired as to what was wrong, according to Dorr. Dorr claimed that by the end of their conversation, she had persistent, significant questions about her marriage.

After months of spending hours upon hours together, Manard admitted his love for Dorr and his desire to flee with her. They came up with a strategy together that involved Dorr withdrawing $40,000 from her retirement funds, spending $5,000 on a used truck, and using a van to transport the dog crate Manard was hiding in.

Dorr claimed that because she could only think about how much she wanted to be with him, she didn’t question Manard or their strategy.

DORR discovered that their relationship’s “strongest” component was sexual once they were on the run. According to Dorr, Manard and she had only ever connected emotionally, not sexually, up until that time. However, the sexual tension was present, and after they got to the cabin in Tennessee where they were going to hide out, they decided to act on it. Since her spouse, Dorr hadn’t had a kiss or a sexual encounter until she did with Manard.

According to Dorr, Manard gave her bubble baths and sang to her at night in front of the fire. They also went on day outings together while disguising their identities by donning wigs. But their brief relationship, which ended 12 days before the police found them, also demonstrated how it was never meant to stay.

According to Dorr, “the sexual aspect was definitely the strongest aspect of our relationship.”

DORR SAYS BEING UNITED ONLY BY HERSELF IN PRISON FORCED HER TO CRY AND GO ON. Dorr said that after becoming aware of her misdeeds, her husband filed for divorce and her sisters and sons cut off communication, leaving her completely alone.

According to Dorr, she was placed in an all-female prison with limited opportunities for inmates to pass the time. She started writing and claimed to have filled 27 notebooks in total, one for each month she spent there.

According to her interview with Insider, the writing process allowed her to revisit the agony of her loss and lament the daughter she never had. She learned the value of friendship via making friends with other prisoners, and it also helped her discover her identity.

Dorr remarried in 2009 and is happy to be a grandmother. Her new husband is Chris. She is especially proud of the workbooks she created for other women in prison who experience similar feelings of disorientation.

Despite still having trouble with thoughts of shame, Dorr is primarily proud of letting go and moving forward.

Even though I believe my mental wounds are all healed and I am capable of handling anything, she admitted that there will be times when she would need to dig deep, summon her bravery, and continue on.