Currently, due to fires, Seattle has the worst air quality in the entire planet. Here are the top 10 cities with the worst air quality as of 2021.

The Bolt Creek Fire has caused “unhealthy levels” of air pollution in Seattle. Due to a fire, Portland has the second-worst air quality, surpassing two Chinese cities. In 2021, the top ten cities with the worst air quality were all located in Asian nations. In comparison to cities in China, Italy, and the Czech Republic, Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, are suffering from some of the worst air quality problems in the world as a result of fires.

Seattle was at the top of the list as of Thursday afternoon with an air quality index (AQI) of 226, according to According to IQAir , a Swiss tech company that monitors air quality levels around the world in real time. As measured by the Environmental Protection Agency, this places the city in the “extremely unhealthy” category.

IQAir obtains AQIs from a number of sources, including local governmental organizations that monitor air quality.
Portland is located below Seattle, which as of Thursday afternoon had an AQI of 183, or “unhealthy” air quality levels.
Large fires are causing major air quality problems in both cities.

The Bolt Creek Fire, which started a week ago east of Seattle close to Skyomish, Washington, consumed around 14,000 acres of forest. According to KUOW , the fire was started by a person and is still burning.

The Nakia Creek Fire in Clark County, Washington, which is roughly 20 miles northeast of Portland, had scorched about 1,600 acres as of Monday, according to The Washington Post .

According to IQAir, the concerns with both cities’ low air quality should start to improve this week.

The top cities with the worst year-round air quality between 2018 and 2021, according to the Swiss air tracking business, were in Asian nations like India, China, and Pakistan. The rankings are determined by the amounts of particle matter that were discovered in the air, and several of the cities are near to one another.

According to the test, the World Health Organization’s recommended levels of air pollution were seven to ten times higher in more than 300 cities.
The top 10 cities in the world with the poorest air quality in 2021 are shown below: