Denny Hamlin’s Pocono race-winning vehicle was disqualified, according to NASCAR.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! In response to NASCAR’s decision to disqualify Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch from Sunday’s race at Pocono, Joe Gibbs Racing has decided not to appeal the decision.

The two placed first and second at the event’s conclusion, but their finishes were overturned when a post-race inspection revealed that their Toyota Camrys had broken NASCAR regulations.

The extra strips of material that were discovered behind the ornamental vinyl sponsor wraps of the cars caused them to fall outside of the permissible range, according to NASCAR’s Senior VP of Competition Scott Miller.

Miller said on Monday on SiriusXM NASCAR radio that the issue “was on the lower fascia and it was extra layers of vinyl that in effect deviated the part from the approved CAD files.”

Hamlin was disqualified because of a strip of tape installed under his car's sponsor wrap at the lower corner of the front fascia ahead of the wheels.

“Peeling vinyl off portions of the automobile that we consider to be important during post-race inspection is common practice. We were shocked by what we discovered because we had no idea there was anything there in the first place.


Pictures were not made public, but Wally Brown, the director of racing for Joe Gibbs Racing, provided additional details in a statement that was published by the team.

Kyle Busch's Toyota Camry is physically identical to Hamlin's.

One piece of transparent tape was placed over each of the bottom corners of the front fascia before the left-front and right-front wheel openings on both the 11 and 18 cars at Pocono, according to Brown’s analysis of the post-race infractions on both cars.

Hamlin and Busch finished the Pocono Cup Series race in first and second before being disqualified.

“The additional pieces were installed beneath the wrap and measured 2 inches wide by 5.5 inches long with a thickness of 0.012 inches. Our organization did not thoroughly evaluate this modification to our build procedure, and we are aware that it is against NASCAR’s rules. We sincerely regret making this error and have modified our processes to prevent it from happening again.

The strips had a surface area about equal to that of a smartphone and were half as thick as a standard driver’s license.
For the Pocono Cup Series race, TY GIBBS had to borrow clothing.

While expressing their disappointment, Toyota and its TRD racing division stated they “applaud NASCAR’s hyper-vigilance when it comes to policing the rules on this new race car.”

The potential impact the modification might have had on the speed of the vehicles has not been explicitly stated by Joe Gibbs Racing or NASCAR.