Despite assertions to the contrary, Stacey Abrams is connected to numerous abolitionist organizations.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia, has declared repeatedly that she opposes cutting funds to the police, but her affiliation with numerous left-wing organizations and people who favor anti-police causes tells a different tale.

Abrams is currently a board member and governor of the Marguerite Casey Foundation in Seattle, which tweeted the hashtags #DefundThePolice and #AbolishThePolice as recently as March of this year. The foundation’s president and CEO, Carmen Rojas, moderated an event in early February with the theme “Becoming Abolitionists: A History of Failed Police Reforms andamp; Vision for True Public Safety.”

Abolitionist enthusiast Rojas gave Abrams’ campaign $7,600, the maximum amount that can be given in Georgia for both primary and general elections.
Rojas said, “Defund the cops,” in April 2021.
On August 4, 2020, Rojas tweeted, “There is no fixing this.” STRIKE DOWN THE POLICE.

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is seen ahead of a rally in Reynolds, Georgia as she campaigns against incumbent Governor Brain Kemp (R-GA) on June 4, 2022.


Abrams joined the Marguerite Casey Foundation in May 2021, and as of her financial reports, she had earned at least $52,500 from the organization. Prior to becoming one of the organization’s governors, Abrams’ campaign claimed to Fox News Digital that she did not share their political beliefs. However, a news statement from the foundation issued a few weeks later reveals that she did.

The “Answer the Uprising” project, which featured enhanced financial assistance for liberal organizations tackling police enforcement issues, was introduced by the Marguerite Casey Foundation in late May 2021. Along with other large grant-making organizations, it formed a coalition to support the defunding of the police groups. The board, which included Abrams, voted unanimously in favor of the initiative.

Professors and academics who support abolitionist viewpoints have also received millions of dollars from the Marguerite Casey Foundation. Six academics who are “leading research in important fields, including abolitionist, Black, feminist, queer, radical, and anti-colonialist studies” were each given $250,000 as part of the foundation’s 2021 Freedom Scholars Awards, which were announced in December.

Carmen Rojas, the president and CEO of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, has donated at least $7,600 to Stacey Abrams' gubernatorial campaign and has repeatedly called for abolishing police.

Professor Robin Kelley of UCLA, who received one of the awards, has previously described the PLO as “revolutionary combatants” and “models for those of us dedicated to Black freedom and socialism” the Free Beacon reported .

A check of their tax records reveals that the Marguerite Casey Foundation has further funded left-wing organizations that support cutting funding for the police.

A pro-abolitionist coalition of more than 50 organizations, including Black Lives Matter, received $250,000 from the foundation in 2020. According to the coalition’s website, “prisons, police, and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished and replaced by institutions that value and affirm the flourishing of Black lives.”

George Soros donates $1 million to support Stacey Abrams’ second run for governor.

The Black Organizing Project, a member of a 13-group alliance attempting to defund the Oakland police, also received $200,000 from the Marguerite Casey Foundation in 2020. The Louisville Community Bail Fund helped a Black Lives Matter activist who tried to shoot Jewish Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg in February by providing bail for him with $200,000 in the same year.

In the past, Abrams served as co-chair of the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund (BVBJ), a group dedicated to racial justice that gave tens of thousands of dollars to advocates for police defunding and abolition.

An official of Alibaba, a Chinese company that apparently assisted in the development of surveillance technology used against Uyghur Muslims, contributes money to the same organization.

After announcing her second bid for governor,

Stacey Abrams, Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia, speaks during a campaign event in Reynolds, Georgia, US, on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Abrams was later given the title “co-chair emeriti” of the BVBJ; her image is still shown on the website. Prior to now, her campaign informed Fox News Digital that she is not actively involved with the company.

With Kitt Thomas, an illustrator who Abrams praised as “wildly gifted” after the publication of their first book, “Stacey’s Extraordinary Words,” in December 2021, they are also launching a new children’s book this December.

During the George Floyd incident, Thomas uploaded a post that read, “F—- the police.”

“A counterinsurgency strategy used to put down and extinguish revolt involves hugging and kneeling with demonstrators as pigs. Do not be fooled by it “Thomas shared this picture on June 2, 2020. “After the picture op, they are kneeling while firing, beating, and using tear gas on victims. Police, f—- you.”

In addition, actress Stephanie Beatriz, who served as the event’s host, gave at least $10,000 to the bail fund organization Community Justice Exchange, whose goals revolve on the abolition of the police and jails.

A liberal research organization that seeks to do away with the filibuster and put racial justice at the forefront of all public policy, the Roosevelt Institute’s Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP), also previously had

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams speaks to the media during a press conference at the Israel Baptist Church as voters head to the polls during the Georgia primary on May 24, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Abrams as its executive director.

The Roosevelt Institute stated in a paper from last year that “no policy, even if facially race-neutral, is race-neutral in practice” because of the extreme racial inequities in all facets of the American economy and culture. “All policy ideas, no matter how big or little, should take racial outcomes into consideration. Every policy, from the distribution of vaccines to the funding of higher education to tax reform, will have racialized repercussions. This reality must be acknowledged, and race must constantly be taken into account while designing policies.”

From 2019 through 2021, the nonprofit paid Abrams at least $708,324 according to a financial disclosure statement submitted in March.
OVER 100 Georgia sheriffs denounce Stacey Abrams for cutting ties with the police foundation.

Abrams attempted to reposition the “defund” component of the defund the police campaign during the George Floyd riots of 2020 as one that supported “reformation and change” of law enforcement rather than its absolute abolition.

In June 2020, Abrams stated, “I believe we are being lured into this false choice idea. “We need to change the way we think about the function of law enforcement, the idea of public safety, and how we allocate resources for both the job that we need them to perform to keep us safe and the work that we need to do to keep and strengthen our communities. And that’s the discussion we’re having: We’ll use other words to describe it, but at our core, reformation and transformation are necessary.”


Abrams is currently making an effort to separate herself from the movement. Stacey Abrams does not and has never advocated defunding the police, according to the campaign, which has repeatedly informed Fox News Digital that.

On Monday, Fox News Digital questioned the campaign about Abrams’ continued membership on the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation and whether or not she would be willing to denounce the abolitionist and defund the police movements. The campaign did not comment.

Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams (L) and Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R)

After Kemp’s team started airing an advertisement linking Abrams to the defund the cops movement in July, Abrams retaliated against her rival, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. In the advertisement, Abrams charged Kemp with attempting to divert Georgians’ attention away from her record, which, according to Abrams, demonstrates that Kemp has consistently supported law enforcement.

“Brian Kemp desires that you fear me. Why? He believes it will divert Georgians’ attention from the reality “The quote is from Abrams. In my capacity as a legislator, I collaborated with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, the Sheriff’s Association, and our local police forces to make sure they had the tools, instruction, and assistance they required.