Despite playing characters from both the Marvel and DC Comics universes, Michael Keaton claims he has never seen an entire movie.

According to Michael Keaton, he has never seen a recent comic book movie. He admitted to Variety, “I have other sh*t to do.” In addition to reprising his Batman role in upcoming DC Comic films, Keaton plays the Vulture in the MCU. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Michael Keaton is currently too preoccupied to keep up with all the Marvel and DC Comics material that is available online.

The actor acknowledges he has never seen the entirety of a Marvel Cinematic Universe or a DC Comics film, despite being largely responsible for starting the comic book movie craze in Hollywood by portraying the first Batman on a large scale in Tim Burton’s renowned 1989 adaptation of the DC character.

“I’ve never seen a whole version of any of those movies, any Marvel movie, or any other. I realize that people don’t believe this. And trust me, I’m not saying I don’t watch that because I’m a snob! That’s not it, “ Keaton recently told Variety . Just a very small number of things are what I watch,

He continued, “I start watching something, think it’s amazing, and I watch three episodes. But I still have other crap to do!