Dozens of canines in Michigan are killed by a mystery parvo-like sickness.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! According to regional animal shelters, a parvovirus-like infection has infected and killed dozens of canines in Michigan.

Michigan’s northern and central regions have received reports of the outbreak. A highly contagious illness known as canine parvovirus primarily affects older dogs and puppies under the age of two.

The feces of infected people propagate the disease. Tiredness, a lack of appetite, and diarrhea are symptoms.

Otsego County’s animal control and shelter director, Melissa FitzGerald, told FOX 17 Michigan that over 30 dogs have died from an ailment that has not been named but resembles parvovirus.

After a dog training video surfaced online, a mother and daughter from Louisiana were charged with animal cruelty.

The Otsego County Animal Shelter warned dog-owners to properly vaccinate their animals.

Oddly, despite exhibiting disease signs, parvovirus tests came back negative in all of the dead dogs.

Both the Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development are performing testing to comprehend the outbreak.


“Is it a specific strain of Parvo? Is there another cause? Are they combined? They are currently investigating a number of unsolved questions, “said FitzGerald.

The disease primarily affects elderly canines and dogs below the age of 2.

Michigan dog owners are urged to properly vaccinate their canines in the interim.