During a surprise trip to Disney World, a family of five reported being “trapped in the hotel room all day” after their truck was taken along with an iPad, an Apple Watch, and a car seat.

Five members of a family claim that their truck was taken during an unplanned trip to Disney World. According to Cassidy McClendon, the Orlando Police Department is searching for their truck, according to WOFL . We spent the entire day confined to the motel room. McClendon informed the nearby TV station that the children were “extremely unhappy.” Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! After their truck, along with their electronics and other valuables, was taken on a trip to Disney World on Monday, a family of five was left stranded in their hotel.

The truck was gone when we got up the following morning to leave for Disney, according to Cassidy McClendon told local Florida news station WOFL . So, we were unable to do anything. All day, we were confined to our hotel room. The youngsters were irate.

According to Cassidy and her husband Ryan, they made the decision to surprise their three children by booking a few days at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The journey took a turn for the worst when the couple discovered their white Ford F-250 was taken from the Comfort Suites where they were staying’s parking lot.

IPads, Apple Watches, an iPhone, kid car seats for the couple’s children, and a toolbox were all found inside the truck, according to Cassidy McClendon, and they were all also taken. According to McClendon, the truck was captured on the hotel’s security cameras exiting the parking lot on October 17 at roughly 1:51 a.m.

McClendon stated in the article, “Unfortunately, there isn’t much the police can do, although it is reported stolen.”

According to McClendon, who spoke to WOFL, the Orlando Police Department is hunting for the truck and the other stolen belongings after she filed a police report. The Apple Watches and iPads that were in the vehicle have been “disconnected,” according to McClendon.

McClendon told the station, “I’ve had a lot of individuals on Facebook, where I posted the post, claim that the same thing has occurred to them.”

She claimed that what would have otherwise been a nice family trip was marred by the theft of their family truck and other things.
McClendon told the station, “We’ve been trying to take the kids to Disney every year and this really hit home.”