Fans nearly missed Jack Quaid, the star of The Boys, walking around Comic-Con in a Ghostface mask.

Jack Quaid, actor of “The Boys,” went to San Diego Comic-Con to promote “Star Trek: Lower Decks.” During his free time, Quaid roamed the conference dressed as Ghostface from “Scream.” Fans failed to see the actor, who posted pictures and videos of the event on social media. At San Diego Comic-Con, “Scream” actor Jack Quaid went undercover as Ghostface and remained unseen by attendees.

Quaid attended SDCC this year to support “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” an animated series in which he plays Ensign Bradward Boimler. A big impending crossover event involving “Lower Decks” and “Strange New Worlds” was revealed during the “Star Trek” universe panel that the “Boys” star participated in on Saturday at Hall H.

A series of images and videos that Quaid released on Sunday on the social media platforms Twitter and Instagram were taken at some point during the four-day entertainment festival, but he was not in any of them.

“A little bit of floor time at #SDCC. fun moments” As the “Scream” villain, Quaid captioned a selfie of himself outside the San Diego Convention Center.

The actor played Richie Kirsch, one of two characters that served as the Ghostface killer in the most recent “Scream” movie.

(@JackQuaid92) Jack Quaid July 24, 2022 The actor shared many images of himself in costume as Ghostface wandering among SDCC attendees who were unaware of the person behind the disguise.

(@JackQuaid92) Jack Quaid July 24, 2022 In addition, Quaid posted pictures of himself and “Hunger Games” co-star Jacqueline Emerson reconnecting. In the 2012 dystopian movie, Quaid and Emerson played supporting roles as district tributes Marvel and Foxface, respectively.

(@JackQuaid92) Jack Quaid July 24, 2022 He also shared a picture that showed him wearing a face mask under his horror mask because “you can’t be too careful.”

(@JackQuaid92) Jack Quaid The last tweet from July 24, 2022 Quaid included a video of him joyously leaving the convention building.

“Thank you #SDCC for an incredible weekend! You were missed, “said he.
Jack Quaid July 24, 2022 (@JackQuaid92)