I took the Disney cruise with a Halloween theme. Here are five aspects of the enjoyable but unimpressive trip that shocked me.

” alt=”Disney Halloween on the High Seas Cruise – a bronze donald duck statue in the cruise”>

When we made our reservations for the cruise, Halloween on the High Seas wasn’t mentioned.

Two months prior to departure, we were informed through email that we would be spending Halloween at sea. Costumes were also recommended for us to bring.

Having said that, I don’t believe it is typical for cruises to not be initially listed as Halloween cruises. Usually, it’s simple to find these cruises on the Disney Cruise Line website. On the Disney Cruise Line website, a number of the voyages departing in the fall of 2019 are designated as Halloween on the High Seas.

When we made our travel plans in 2021, the cruise industry was undergoing rapid development; this may be why our listing afterwards underwent revisions.

I THOUGHT THE HOLIDAY DECOR AND ATMOSPHERE WOULD BE BIG, IN YOUR FACE, BUT THE THEMING WAS VERY LIGHT. If you’ve ever visited Disneyland or Walt Disney World around Halloween, you know how elaborately decorated the parks get. On the Halloween on the High Seas trip, I had hoped for a similar level of immersion, but that wasn’t the case.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by the decorations and theme if you’re not a fan of Halloween. The most noticeable Halloween décor on the ship was a well-done pumpkin tree in the atrium.

” alt=”Disney Halloween on the High Seas Cruise – a jack o lantern face in ship window”>

Whether the cuisine was genuinely themed or not, the buffets had signs that were inspired by Halloween. Many of it weren’t.

” alt=”Disney Halloween on the High Seas Cruise -halloween desserts on a tray”>

I’m not really attached to Halloween and could care less about it. The minimal amount of decoration and mood shocked me, yet it didn’t let me down.

Planning was a little difficult because we weren’t given the Halloween schedule of events until we were on board. The Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, which is only fully accessible once you board the ship, contains a complete list of the Halloween events.

The majority of the themed activities would take place on the one Halloween-themed night of our five-night cruise. We had already reserved something special because we were only informed that Halloween will be observed and that we should bring costumes.

Unfortunately, we had made a reservation for specialty dining at Remy, one of Disney Cruise Line’s signature restaurants, on the night of Halloween.
We made the conscious decision to forego the Halloween festivities in favor of completing the booking.

” alt=”Disney Halloween on the High Seas Cruise – Daisy dressed as a sanderson sister”>

Three additional times were listed for meeting and taking pictures with the characters who were dressed as the Sanderson Sisters. During our voyage, “Hocus Pocus 2,” which was released to Disney while we were on board, was screened numerous times.

ACTUALLY, YOU COULD PARTICIPATE HOWEVER MUCH OR HOW LITTLE YOU LIKE. None of the festivities called for costumes. On the ship’s Halloween, I’d say approximately half the passengers dressed up.

Numerous Disney Halloween t-shirts and cabin door decorations with a Halloween theme were visible to us.

For those who felt inspired to give their outfit a little Disney Halloween flair, there was a small selection of Halloween on the High Seas products available for purchase in the gift shop.