In a Purdue University residence hall, a student was killed. His housemate was taken into custody.

According to the school’s police chief, a student at Purdue University was detained on a murder charge on Wednesday and is accused of killing his roommate during the course of the night at a residence hall on the campus in West Lafayette, Indiana.

According to Purdue University Police Chief Lesley Wiete, Ji Min Jimmy Sha, a junior cybersecurity major and foreign student from Korea, called 911 at roughly 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday to inform authorities about the tragedy.

The call’s specifics were kept confidential. According to the authorities, the event took place in a room on McCutcheon Hall’s ground level.
Varun Manish Chheda, a 20-year-old Indianapolis senior majoring in data science, was the victim, according to Wiete and the Tippecanoe County coroner’s office.
According to early autopsy results, Chheda died from “several sharp force traumatic injuries,” and the cause of death was a homicide.

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The coroners office stated that toxicology results will determine the final autopsy results.

Arunabh Sinha, a childhood friend of Chhedas, revealed to NBC News that on Tuesday night, while Chheda was online gaming and chatting with pals using Discord, they unexpectedly heard screams.

Even though Sinha’s buddies weren’t playing that night, they informed him they heard the attack but didn’t know what had happened. They learned of his passing on Wednesday morning.

Sha, 22, was arrested shortly after the 911 call, according to Wiete, and taken to the police station for more investigation. According to jail records, he was detained on a murder accusation on Wednesday in the Tippecanoe County Jail. Records show that no bond was set.

Sha is escorted out of a patrol car by university police in handcuffs as reporters wait for him in Video posted Wednesday. Sha is questioned by a reporter as he is led into a structure: “Can you explain to us why you did it?”

I love my family, Sha seems to remark after a brief pause. He then says it once more.

Wiete omitted talking about the killing’s purpose or the specifics of the weapons used. Only Chheda and Sha were in the room at the time, according to her, and the 911 call originated there.

She said that neither of her roommates were asleep when the event took place, adding, “I think this was unwarranted and senseless.”
School officials declared there was no threat to the neighborhood following Chheda’s passing.


According to authorities, Chheda’s killing marks Purdue’s first campus homicide in more than eight years.

The school reported the incident in an statement after Andrew F. Boldt, 21, of West Bend, Wisconsin, was fatally shot on January 21, 2014, in the basement section of the electrical engineering building.

Chheda’s death, according to university president Mitch Daniels, was “The statement continued, “Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those affected by this horrible occurrence. It is as tragic an event as we can imagine occurring on our campus.

According to the Purdue website. database, 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students are registered for the next fall semester.

He stated in an statement on Wednesday morning that staff members at residence halls and clinicians with the school counseling and psychiatric services are supporting students.

Everyone was reassured by Daniels that the campus is secure. We experience a minuscule fraction of the violent and property crime that happens elsewhere, he said, compared to cities with Purdue’s population (60,000 people total).

Such figures, he continued, “are of no comfort on a day like this.” Each of us is greatly impacted by a death that occurs on our campus or among the Purdue family.


Runabh Sinha, who attended to school for 12 years with Chheda, claimed that their families were also close. Varun was in his third year of college, he claimed, and was about to graduate early.

He recalled Chheda as a very intelligent man who was always at the top of his class, chess club, and science bowl team. He was so modest about it. In addition to being a good student, he always followed the rules and wouldn’t compromise, according to Sinha.

Chheda would spend time with him outside of class to explain their physics lectures, according to Sinha.

Because Chheda didn’t know the answers to some biology questions, Sinha remembered that Chheda’s team lost the seventh-grade Science Bowl, an academic competition on science knowledge. He then spent the summer reading a college-level biology text, and the following year, his team finished in second place.

He was not just devoted to his education, but also to his mother, father, and younger sister, according to Sinha.

He was a fantastic family man. He held his parents in the highest regard and appreciated all they had done for him. Additionally, he was the best role model I knew for his sister and loved her dearly.

Sinha struggled to process the death of his friend.

I couldn’t believe that something could happen to someone so good, smart, innocent, and innocent who most definitely did not deserve such a result. Everyone I’ve spoken to has questioned why him out of all the individuals.

He has had such a wonderful impact. Furthermore, according to Sinha, he was extremely intelligent and will have a significant impact in the future simply by his intellect.

Chheda attended middle school and high school with Andrew Wu, and the two frequently played video games together.

We played all kinds of games together, including card games, video games, and more. For the last four years of college, despite being hundreds of miles apart, we maintained contact. We would get together six to seven times a week just to play games, he claimed.

Wu claimed that Chhedas’s passing came as a complete surprise.

He never brings up his roommate in conversation. When we play games, his roommate never makes an appearance. It was really a complete shock this morning “explained Wu. Chheda would never attempt to instigate a dispute with anyone.

When I visited about a month ago, he wasn’t at all talking about his roommate. Simply put, he said, everything appeared entirely regular.
After graduation, he claimed Chheda could have accomplished anything because of his intelligence.
“Every door was wide open. Wu claimed that he simply had a great deal of information.
He claimed that Chheda’s greatest lesson to him was compassion.

“He is the most generous person I’ve ever encountered. He can always tell when someone is uneasy. He’s always prepared to make concessions. Hell constantly makes the ultimate sacrifice to assist others, “said Wu.

During the spring semester, Chheda and Sumeeth Guda, a senior at Purdue University studying mathematics and statistics, collaborated on a final group project.

Chheda was described as “a dedicated student” by the man who remembers him, adding that Chheda “certainly had an eye for detail and was determined to provide the best deliverable.”

“Apart from that, Guda stated, he was a nice man who was willing to assist the rest of our teammates.

I’m just a little surprised that this occurrence occurred “said he. “I also feel terrible sadness for his parents, especially his mother, which is more essential.

Guda stated that although it has been heartening to see the school community unite and support one another, there are still a lot of unanswered concerns regarding what transpired.

Sincerely, I believe that everyone is simply waiting for the release of the official police statements to learn the truth directly from the source regarding what truly transpired “said he. “and the suspect’s motivations.

I have made a lot of friends, and I will treasure them.
Dennis Bisgaard, the interim head of Park Tudor School in Indianapolis, confirmed that Chheda graduated from the institution.

Varun Chheda, a member of the Park Tudor class of 2020, passed away tragically, leaving the entire Park Tudor community inconsolably grieved. We are sending his family our best wishes and thoughts during this trying time, he said.

Chheda attended Sycamore School from kindergarten through eighth grade, according to a school alumni Facebook page that posted a memorial to him on Wednesday.

He will be missed. Varun excelled in school, was humorous, and was well-liked by his peers. He had wonderful qualities that came from a solid family, according to Diane Borgmann, the Sycamores’ head of school.

The article also mentioned Chheda’s commencement address from May 2016.

“I’ve met a lot of friends. Relationships are based on admiration and respect for one another, and I shall value them “Chheda informed his peers. “It’s more than just a school; it’s a happy, healthy environment where youngsters develop and soar,” one person said.