In Uganda, a severe type of Ebola is rapidly spreading, yet vaccinations and therapies are ineffective against it.

In Uganda, an Ebola outbreak that started in September is growing rapidly. Four healthcare professionals have lost their lives to the outbreak thus far. Because there are currently no vaccinations or therapies for this strain of Ebola, prevention is essential. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! As a risky Ebola strain spreads throughout certain sections of the nation, at least four healthcare workers have died in Uganda. According to preliminary estimates, the virus has killed at least two dozen persons since the outbreak started in September.

The Sudan Ebolavirus is the specific strain of Ebola that has not been targeted by any previous vaccinations. There are still no vaccines or treatment for it.

A virologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Kartik Chandran, told The Wall Street Journal that “this is another wake-up call for the international community.” The medical community must continue to develop vaccinations and treatments that are effective against numerous strains of an infection rather than just one.

(Present vaccines target the Zaire Ebolavirus . Although there is a Johnson