Joe Burrow, the quarterback for the Bengals, claims that Super Bowl LVI’s ambiance was similar to a “dinner party.”

Joe Burrow claimed that Super Bowl LVI had a “dinner party” feel about it. After the road and home playoff games, according to Burrow, the corporate nature of the game gave it a different spirit. Burrow stated he has attempted to move over the loss to the Rams that he and the Bengals suffered. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Joe Burrow, the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, wasn’t overly impressed by the Super Bowl environment.

Speaking on “The Colin Cowherd Podcast,” , Burrow expressed his amazement with the SoFi Stadium atmosphere in February.

Burrow described the Bengals’ loss in Super Bowl LVI, in which they were the entertainment, as feeling like a dinner party. Because you just won at home in the playoffs for the first time in thirty or so years after playing on the road in Kansas City, Tennessee, and other games. The Super Bowl follows, where it becomes more corporate.

It only took a moment to adjust. It didn’t feel like a football playoff game. Undoubtedly, the initial feeling was strange.

Burrow admitted to Cowherd that he didn’t feel nervous during the game, despite the enormous platform, and attributed this to the weeks of preparation and video study.

The average Super Bowl ticket cost over $7,000, making it the most expensive game in Super Bowl history, according to Bloomberg reported on February 9 .

Even while corporate boxes and ticket costs contributed to a calmer mood, this is undoubtedly not what the NFL wants to hear about the biggest sporting event in the country.