My children are separated by ten weeks after IVF and surrogacy. Having “twiblings” made me realize how unique each infant is.

Chelsea Neubauer has a son who is four months old and a daughter who is six months old. Her son was born through a surrogate, and she carried her daughter. This is the narrative that Neubauer shared with Kelly Burch. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Based on a conversation with Chelsea Neubauer, this as-told-to piece was created. It has been condensed and trimmed for length.

I’ve always known that I want to have children. However, I was informed that carrying a pregnancy might be risky and would probably result in another miscarriage after I lost a pregnancy as a result of my thyroid condition, Graves’ illness. In order to use IVF, my husband and I discovered an old friend who was prepared to serve as our surrogate.

It bothered me as we advanced with our surrogate. I desired to become pregnant. So I looked for another physician. He informed me there was a slim chance I would be able to bring a pregnancy to term, but he was prepared to let me try.

We debated postponing plans with our surrogate, but the chances of IVF succeeding are extremely slim. Additionally, I think that when you try to organize your life, that’s when things start to go wrong. With the approval of our surrogate, we chose to move forward with both alternatives.

We had no idea we would have two children in the end.

I found joy in her appointments as we both ended up becoming pregnant. On Mother’s Day, I discovered I was expecting. I was ecstatic, but it didn’t last long because I was expecting to miscarry. I gave all of my attention on our surrogate, whose transfer day was approaching, rather than on my pregnancy. Her appointments provided me with something to anticipate and helped me to overcome my phobia.

Even after my surrogate became pregnant, things didn’t feel authentic. I reassured her that the life she was bringing into our family was unaffected by my pregnancy. Each of her appointments I attended.

I witnessed the traumatizing birth of my surrogate while present. It was a dream to hold my beautiful baby girl, Banks. She really is a miracle. She defied all odds despite the fact that I had to fight so hard to conceive her.

The first month flies by, as every new mother will attest. It was for me as well, but I faced a different obstacle because I continued to accompany the surrogate to all of her appointments. I wanted her to understand that the unborn child she was carrying was just as precious to me as my daughter.

mamaRoo sleep bassinet , he did. After his birth, I collaborated with 4Moms and their series Sleepversity to talk about how we were able to discover sleep solutions for both of our babies.

Banks is currently six months old, and Hayes is four months. I can’t wait to watch each of their personalities develop. Infantile stages vanish in a split second. When Banks leaves a stage behind, I know I’ll get to enjoy it with Hayes a few weeks later, which is the best thing about having twiblings.