Prince William and Prince Harry grieve as Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana are remembered.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! At Princess Diana’s memorial 25 years ago, Prince William and Prince Harry accompanied their mother’s casket to its final resting place shortly after she passed away. Queen Elizabeth II’s death this week produced a strikingly similar scene as mourners observed as Her Majesty’s coffin traveled from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

The young princes stood up in their final physical act of guarding their mother before she was laid to rest in 1997, and the world was taken back in time as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin made the 20-minute trek through the streets of London.

On September 6, 1997, Prince William and Prince Harry traveled the two miles from Kensington Palace through the heart of London to Westminster Abbey for Diana’s funeral. They were joined by their father Charles, the late Prince Philip, and Charles, the Earl of Spencer.

Harry was 12 years old and William was 15 at the time. In an automobile accident in Paris, France, on August 31, 1997, their 36-year-old mother lost her life. Despite her dislike of the media and the spotlight, she was referred to as “The People’s Princess” and divorced Charles in 1996, with paparazzi eventually stalking her to death.


Prince William and Prince Harry (pictured left in 1997, right on Wednesday) mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II during a funeral procession similar to Princess Diana's.

On Wednesday, the brothers came together once more to march in support of Her Majesty as she was carried in a casket from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. Services are scheduled for September 19th, Monday.

Diana’s coffin was draped with the Royal Standard and had white flowers, just like the Queen’s.

According to an excerpt from Tina Brown’s 2007 book, “The Diana Chronicles,” the late Prince Philip insisted that the boys follow their mother’s casket 25 years ago.

She wrote, “I’m not marching in any bloody parade, William had wailed. Philip gently begged him, “Will you walk with me if I walk?”


Philip spoke quietly to the boys about each of the important London sights they passed in order to prevent the youngsters from becoming disoriented along the way.

According to “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life,” by Sally Bedell Smith, published in 2017, Prince Philip allegedly told Diana’s sons, “If you don’t walk, you may regret it later.”

Prince Harry stated, “I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances,” in a 2017 Newsweek interview. I don’t believe it would occur today.

Princess Diana was buried on Sept. 6, 1997, and her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, joined the funeral procession at the request of the late Prince Philip.
The Princess of Wales' coffin, escorted by Coldstream Guards, in The Mall on the day of her funeral service.

The Duke of Sussex also said that he was delighted he did it in the television documentary “Diana, 7 Days That Shook the Windsors.” In spite of the challenging moment, which came only one year after Charles and Diana’s divorce was finalized, he also liked how his father Charles supported him and William.

“Telling your children that your other parent has passed away is one of the most difficult things for a parent to do. I’m not sure how you handle that, Harry said. He was there for us, nevertheless. He was the lone survivor of the two. He also made an effort to protect and take care of us as best he could. However, he was also going through the same grieving process.

William said, “But I have to say, it goes to another level of obligation when it becomes so personal as walking behind your mother’s funeral cortege.”

While mourning Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William is prioritizing stability and keeping royal children in school.

The Earl of Spencer, Diana’s brother, opposed the boys participating in the parade at the time and told BBC Radio 4 that asking such young people to participate in it was “extremely odd and terrible.” He claimed that “they lied and stated they wanted to do it.”

It was genuinely horrifying, he continued. It was a very, very difficult moment. We would walk 100 yards and hear people crying, and then round the corner and hear someone wailing and yelling words of love to Diana or William and Harry.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Earl Spencer, Prince William and the Duke of Edinburgh (L to R) walked into Westminster Abbey for Diana's services in September 1997.
Prince William and Prince Harry view the flowers left behind by thousands of mourners following Princess Diana's death in 1997.

In an emotional speech to mourners on Thursday in front of Sandringham House, Prince William described how difficult it had been to follow his grandmother’s coffin in the procession the day before.

The Prince of Wales said in a video obtained by Sky News that he was only partially “prepared” for the day and wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye.

He admitted that the trek the day before had been difficult. “It triggered some recollections. One of those times when you kind of tell yourself, “I’ve prepared myself for this,” but you’re not really that ready.

“Because we knew she was 96,” the thing is strange.


William reportedly told a fellow mourner that seeing his grandmother’s procession come to an end reminded him of “his mother’s funeral.”
Jane Wells told The Telegraph, “Catherine said it’s simply been such a horrible time for all of them, for the whole family.”

Even if the royals got back together last week, there is still discord in the family, since Harry’s birthday on September 15 went unnoticed by the official royal social media pages, including the ones run by his brother and sister-in-law.

After years apart, the new “Fab Four” came back together, but not without controversy. Prince William gained notoriety in a video where he was criticized for showing no respect for his wife, while Harry rushed to be by Meghan’s side and open a car door as the group left the event together on Saturday.

Prince William, left, and Prince Harry, second left, follow the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II during a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in London, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2022. The Queen will lie in state in Westminster Hall for four full days before her funeral on Monday Sept. 19.
Senior members of the British Royal Family follow behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II during a procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.
Prince William and Kate Middleton lead procession as Queen Elizabeth II's coffin is transported to Westminster Hall, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle standing in the distance.

Due to what they perceived as the British media’s intrusion and discriminatory attitude toward their family, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle resigned from their royal duties in 2020.

Before they made the decision to leave England and return to Markle’s native California, she admitted to feeling suicidal, and Harry stated that there had been conflict with his father over his choice to leave behind his royal duties as well as for his marriage to the biracial actress.

Although it is still unknown who of the Queen’s great-grandchildren will attend the funeral on Monday, there is conjecture that at least one of them, possibly William’s eldest son George, may be there.

Archie and Lilibet’s future as “His/Her Royal Highness” was a key cause of contention for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but after assuming the throne, King Charles III agreed to bestow the titles of prince and princess on the young royals.