Rep. Waltz and a special forces sergeant criticize the military’s vax mandate and woke rules, saying that they “need to right the ship.”

A Florida Republican lawmaker and an Army sergeant in the special forces criticized the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate and its woke practices, claiming that the United States is lagging behind competitors like China.

Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican from Florida, and Sgt. Lonny Posey joined a video discussion with Fox News Digital to discuss the military vaccination requirement and other far-left ideas, and they expressed concern about the impact they will have on the readiness of the American military.

Waltz asserted that in addition to the “very real threat of global terrorism” that has “become on steroids with the Taliban caliphate covered with 31 trillion in debt,” “the existential dilemma and threat of our day is how do we keep up” with our rivals like China and Russia.


“And the Chinese Communist Party is by far the most hazardous of all of those” (CCP). Their fleet has surpassed ours in size, Waltz said. “Their space force is sending more satellites into orbit.” We are currently catching up to them in areas like hypersonic missiles, where they have advanced technology.

They are using theft to advance. They have undergone a significant nuclear modernization,’ Waltz added, stressing that Chinese President Xi Jinping had just been’re-elected for life’ as the nation’s leader.

Waltz also cautioned that although the U.S. appears to “have a leadership in the Pentagon that’s more bothered about pronouns, sexual orientation, vaccines, and other types of things outside of warfighting,” Xi wants to position China as the dominating global powerhouse.

The Florida Republican added, “And that is made for us to have a less ready military,” adding that he is unsure if American military superiority in conflicts is “the case anymore” and that the armed forces must “right the ship.”

Posey, a 23-year veteran of the military and a 15-year veteran of special operations, concurred with the congressman and claimed that “we’re not keeping up because” of the military’s emphasis on topics like “pronouns” and “climate change.”

Posey added, “We’re concerned about these immunizations and other things and almost reaching a point of crippling and getting rid of able-body workers.” While our other opponents advance in warfighting capabilities and our attention is entirely diverted elsewhere, we are concerned about issues like climate change in the midst of all this activity.

Waltz, a former Green Beret and currently serving colonel in the National Guard, praised Posey for speaking out on the subject and referred to the exemption procedure as a “sham process.”

Posey said the recent Heritage Foundation assessment of the American military as “very disturbing” yet unsurprising. The ranking, according to Waltz, “validates many things that I’m witnessing on the Armed Forces Committee” and is “quite alarming,” adding that “our defense priorities are misplaced.”

The former member of the special forces claimed in an interview with Fox News Digital that the mandatory vaccination law and other similar regulations are “having a massive negative impact on morale” in the military. He also claimed that 15 of the soldiers in his unit, including himself, are “worried about getting the possible dishonorable discharge” as well as “losing security clearances” they would use in their civilian jobs after the military.

Posey said that in the previous year, he had 25 recruits who were “ready to sign on the dotted line” back out of the military because of the administration’s insistence on the vaccine mandate “and other things they disagree with.”

Posey responded that he “can’t even tell you what the process completely is” and that he “had no clue” of the number of obstacles that must be overcome in order to obtain exemptions when asked about the procedure for requesting religious or other exemptions from the vaccine requirement.


Across all of the military services, Waltz added, “I’ve heard of very few, if any, really getting authorized.” In fact, general officers from all around the National Guard have informed me that every response they have received has been negative.

And in the meantime, Waltz added, “the vast majority are just languishing in limbo like Sergeant Posey.” They are not paid to attend drills, therefore they cannot train. They cannot accrue good years toward retirement if they are National Guard or Reserve members.

The congressman continued, “So not only is this harming them now and damaging our military now, it’s hurting their future.”

Posey stated that he has been monitoring his antibodies ever since his initial COVID-19 test result in July of last year, and he still had “very high levels of antibodies” in his most recent test, which was conducted “a couple of days ago.”

According to the special forces sergeant, anyone requesting a religious exemption to the vaccine policy “needs to meet down with a chaplain to determine whether their beliefs are sincere enough to be granted approval.”

Meanwhile, Posey said, “I would have to accept that without question or I’d be considered a bigot or a transphobe if one of my soldiers strolled into my door tomorrow, a guy in a dress, and told me that he was a girl.”

But now my guys have to go through hoops simply to establish their religious convictions that they have maintained for years and years and years, the sergeant added, over a vaccination that has been shown to be ineffective.

It’s been under so much scrutiny and question, and it’s simply absurd. Again, it’s heartbreaking to see because we sit here ready and eager to work but aren’t permitted to,’ Posey continued.

When asked what he believes is behind the military’s ideological freeze-out, Posey responded that it “almost seems as if the powers that be are attempting to demolish some of the strongest components of the military, that’s given us such a powerful military over the years.”

Waltz and Posey both expressed concern over the incoming classes of recruits for the military, with the Republican representative enquiring as to when the flood of COVID-19 immunizations and boosters will “stop.”