Star of the satirical film “Not Okay” Zoey Deutch discusses being conned by canceled dates, singing “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne, and how the film encouraged her to “spend more time online.”

Star of the new satirical movie “Not Okay,” Zoey Deutch, talked with Insider about shooting the movie. When filming the scene in which Danni and Mia sang “Complicated,” Deutch remembers feeling “slaphappy.” The actress claimed that she spent “more time online” as a result of working on this film. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! In her new documentary, “Not Okay,” Zoey Deutch discusses the process of creating the movie, from signing Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” to speaking with real-life canceled individuals and kind of getting duped by them.

Deutch plays a lonely, naive wannabe writer named Danni Sanders who works as a photo editor at a website called Depravity in Quinn Shephard’s film “Not Okay,” which Shephard also wrote and directed. She sincerely desires Colin, her office crush (Dylan O’Brien), to adore her, find her meaningful, and take notice of her.

Danni fulfills her dream when she pretends to be a writer’s retreat and takes a vacation to Paris in order to gain more social media followers. Danni gains notoriety when several terrorist acts take place in the City of Lights around the period that she was allegedly in France. She continues the scam, and her lies get out of hand.

Deutch claimed to Insider that because she uses social media so frequently, she didn’t need to do any study before playing the role of the character in “Not Okay.”

Deutch, who has been acting professionally since 2010, continued, “This movie is a parody and it’s sort of at times poking fun at a lot of different areas of our culture, and I’m one of them.” “I am involved in this. It is a remark on many different things, not by any means a criticism of anyone.”

Deutch stated, “I spoke to quite a few of those canceled persons. Funny enough, a lot of them defrauded both Quinn and myself.

The “Set It Up” star said she and Shephard looked for “people who had genuinely been canceled and who were willing and interested in poking fun at themselves and being a little bit self-aware” for a scene later in the film where Danni attends a meeting for an online-shaming support group.

Every chat, according to Deutch, seemed good and the participants seemed eager to be in the film.
Then, however, Searchlight Pictures (the company behind “Not Okay”) informed them that the participants were absolutely not taking part.
It was humorous, Deutch remarked. “They conned us, and we felt it. They misled us.”

Teen advocate Rowan is one of the pals that Deutch’s character makes after she becomes well-known (Mia Isaac).
Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated,” a pivotal early 2000s pop-rock song, is played on the aux by Danni as Rowan becomes anxious before speaking at a rally.

Shephard admitted that there was a time when an Enya song was taken into consideration for the moment, but “Complicated” just made sense in an interview with Insider on Wednesday.

“On TikTok, Avril is having another moment. She continued, “It’s the whole Y2K aesthetic coming back, and it’s quite humorous for millennials to hear the song referred to as a ‘oldies’ tune.”

Shepard continued, “The lyrics of ‘Complicated’ are curiously pertinent to the Dann-Rowan interaction.

Deutch stated that it was “the first time I’ve actually felt ancient in my life” because Isaac didn’t know Lavigne’s song because she is so young.

Deutch recalls that scene being filmed on one of New York City’s hottest days in 2021. They were unable to stay cool while filming because the air conditioning interferes with sound recording, thus the car’s windows were open.

We were simply slappy, she claimed. “We were going insane. We were having so much fun while also perspiring heavily.”

Deutch claimed that “Not Okay” had the opposite effect of making her more cautious and less active on social media.

She stated, “Quinn and I have both admitted to one another that this movie has made us spend more time online because we want to stay on, understand what’s going on, and trends and this and that.” “Because of this movie, we’ve just spent more time online. So I believe I need to do a genuine cleanse and change how much I use social media.”