Star of The Walking Dead expresses hope for future installments of “TWD”

Ross Marquand and Seth Gilliam were questioned by Insider regarding their opinions of all the most recent “The Walking Dead” spinoffs. Marquand expressed astonishment that AMC didn’t invite them to develop a spinoff to Insider over Zoom. Gilliam continued by speculating that AMC is holding off on announcing a film starring their characters. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Even though there are no longer any “The Walking Dead” films starring Rick Grimes, at least one cast member still has hopes of seeing anything “TWD”-related on a big screen in the future.

Ross Marquand, who has portrayed Aaron on “TWD” since season five, expressed surprise that he and co-star Seth Gilliam, who portrays Father Gabriel, weren’t approached by AMC about continuing their tales when questioned about all of the recent “TWD” spinoff program announcements.

“Seth and I may have discussed this together. Just the lack of a request for a spinoff from Father Gabriel and Aaron surprised us “Marquand spoke with Insider over Zoom on Thursday as they discussed the forthcoming eighth and ninth episodes of the show. It simply appeared to follow logically.

“Gabriel and Aaron (TWD 1166)

During the epidemic, Ross Marquand and Father Gabriel get their own bonus episode of “TWD.” AMC/Jace Downs “We go together like PB