Stephen Goepfert, Biden’s “bodyman,” departing the White House

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Stephen Goepfert, the personal assistant to President Joe Biden, has announced his resignation from his position at the White House, Fox News Digital has confirmed.

Jacob Spreyer, who now works as the official White House receptionist, will succeed Goepfert. On Friday, Goepfert will formally vacate the White House. Since the first few months of the president’s 2020 election campaign, the assistant has been by Biden’s side, setting up podiums and passing out notes.

In a statement, Biden stated, “Stephen Goepfert has been by my side from the campaign to the White House.” “He’s been a valued and faithful confidant that everyone leans on and who always delivers in occasions big, small, and spectacular,” said the author.

“Stephen will continue to serve the American people in his new post in the Biden-Harris administration as he continues his career in public service,” he added. “Jill and I will miss Stephen, but we were proud that he will do so.”


Goepfert will begin a new position with the Transportation Department. Although it’s unknown what his position will be there, his colleagues at the White House were very complimentary of him when he left.

According to Steve Ricchetti, a counselor to the president, “you’re actually at the border of where the President’s personal and public duties sit. You have to have the right touch and the proper skill set.” “Stephen has been able to assist the President with everything he has done during the day and has been ready to do so. That ultimately plays a crucial role.”