Teachers in Florida have been instructed not to disclose their same-sex relationships since doing so would conflict with Governor DeSantis’ prohibition on LGBTQ conversations in classrooms.

The “Don’t Say Gay” law, also known as the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, became law on July 1. According to the Washington Post reported , teachers in one Florida school district were warned against discussing their same-sex partners. The proposed law prohibits the discussion of gender identity or sexual orientation from kindergarten through third grade. For daily email delivery of the newest tech news and scoops, subscribe to our newsletter. Teachers in Florida are adjusting to a new law governing discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in their classrooms as the start of the school year draws near. One school district is advising teachers in same-sex relationships to avoid talking about their partners at all, according to the Washington Post reported. .

According to the Post, Orange County Public Schools advised teachers in same-sex relationships that they could display pictures of their partner in the classroom but shouldn’t discuss them.

According to district spokesperson Michael Ollendorff, discussions regarding a teacher’s same-sex partner “may be deemed classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity.”
A request for comment from Insider was not immediately reacted to by Orange County Public Schools.

However, Orange County is not the only region having trouble with the new law. According to the Post, the school board in Miami-Date County is debating which textbooks are appropriate for sex education. One instructor in Palm Beach County allegedly left out a historical figure’s sexual orientation from her classes, a teacher there complained to the Post.

The state’s contentious Parental Rights in Education Act, which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law in March, is the cause of this new advisory, which was released on July 1. The law has been derided as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

From kindergarten through third grade, the bill expressly forbids the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity. However, it also uses the ambiguous phrase “in a way that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate” to do so.