The coolest accessory may not be a money belt, but Rick Steves, a travel expert, wears one, and you should too.

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The host of “Rick Steves’ Europe,” Rick Steves, spoke with Insider about his essential travel accessories. A money belt is one thing Steves always carries with him to protect his valuables from burglars. Steves designed a money belt that he sells , but we also advise using one that prevents RFID scanners. Receive weekly reviews of the best products and services delivered straight to your email.

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Rick Steves has established a profession by offering guidance to travelers for the last 40 years. He offers tips on how to maximize travel from “ Rick Steves’ Europe ” to “ his guidebooks ,” two of his public television programs.

For decades, Steves has advised wearing a money belt while traveling to protect cash and other papers. A hidden belt worn beneath your clothing is called a money belt. For holding money, credit cards, and other flat objects you don’t want to lose, it has a few little compartments.

Insider recently spoke with Steves, from whom we discovered the significance of money belts.


Steves believes that a money belt is more secure than a wallet, a fanny pack, or a purse .

He advises keeping the following in your money belt in an article on Steves’ site :

Railpass for a passport driving permit debit or credit card Cash Numbers, locations, and other pertinent information Steves advises placing the things into a Ziploc bag before stowing them in your money belt if you’re heading somewhere where there’s a possibility that you might get wet.


Civita Moneybelt . In general, we refrain from including endorsements from those with a financial stake in the item, but in this instance, Steves created the money belt to his specifications and really uses it.

The elastic waistband of the Civita Moneybelt may accommodate waists up to 72 inches. To make it simple to put on and take off, it contains a thin, sturdy buckle. Two zipped pockets are included: one is for larger items like cash and your passport, and the other is for smaller stuff like credit cards. Additionally, a lifetime warranty against faults is included.

When it comes to travel accessories, Steves’ product selection has you covered if you don’t want to wear a belt. The Civita Neck Wallet works similarly to the money belt in that it is concealed beneath your clothing but hangs from your neck rather than your waist. The Civita Hidden Pocket contains a loop through which you can thread your belt before flipping the pocket into your pants. Watch Steves demonstrate the moneybelt, neck wallet, and hidden pocket in this video .