The NY Times reports that female Democratic voters are switching to the GOP due to economic worries: “Goed for business”

According to recent polls by The New York Times, economic concerns and ‘intense’ dissatisfaction of President Biden are providing Republicans an advantage with independent voters in the approaching election.

Despite Democrats’ emphasis on abortion rights, A NYT/Siena College poll discovered that independent female voters in particular drastically shifted to the right in the previous month.

They backed Democrats by 14 points in September. Given the split of the American vote, the intensity with which Democrats have targeted that demographic, and the danger Republicans pose to abortion rights, independent women now supported Republicans by 18 points, according to the newspaper.

According to The Times, the reason for this was that most voters believed Republicans could handle the economy, which was “a considerably more formidable electoral issue in 2022 than abortion.”

Economic experts claim that media denial and hair-splitting about the definition of the recession are “totally missing the boat.”

The Times spoke with Democratic women who voted Republican this past election, which served to emphasize this argument. Robin Ackerman, a 37-year-old mortgage loan manager, announced her decision to switch parties because she thought the GOP was “better geared toward business.”

She declared that even though she vehemently disagreed with the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which invalidated Roe v. Wade, it would not affect her vote.
But that doesn’t really affect my choice that much… She said to the outlet, “I’m more concerned about other things.
Gerard Lamoureux, a different Democrat, likewise hopes that the GOP can allay her worries about price increases.

The 51-year-old Democratic retiree from Newtown, Connecticut, said to the newspaper, “It’s all about cost.” The cost of groceries and gas has skyrocketed, he continued. I also want to eat healthily, but going to McDonald’s for a quick meal is less expensive for me than making dinner.

Independents in important battleground states support Republicans far more than Democrats.
Strong disapproval ratings for President Biden are hurting Democrats’ chances and turning voters away from Democratic candidates.
Democrats are going into this “midterm election” with a president who is unpopular with 58 percent of the population, including 63 percent of independent voters.

The depth of the electorate’s opposition to the president presents an additional problem for Democrats: The poll revealed that 90 percent of those people intended to support a Republican for Congress in fall, and 45 percent of those respondents highly disapproved of the job that Mr. Biden was doing.