This may be the most opulent public restroom in the entire world, and it’s hidden on the sixth level of a Chinese shopping center.

A public restroom in a Chinese shopping center is causing a stir because of its surprisingly opulent appearance. The opulent public restroom in Nanjing, China’s Deji Plaza resembles a tranquil garden. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the bathroom has useful features like wireless charging ports. Join Morning Brew to receive the greatest tips for living more wisely. Thank you for registering! When you’re on the go, access your favorite topics in a customized feed. The sixth floor of a high-end mall in Nanjing, China, conceals a restroom experience unlike any other.

The luxurious restroom at Deji Plaza was designed by the Shanghai-based architecture firm X Living . It resembles a fantastical garden straight out of a fairytale.

Although using a public restroom doesn’t exactly bring back fond memories, a visit to this one might convince you otherwise.

“With the current environmental situation, we created this piece in an effort to honor the more elusive spring. Consequently, we propose the subject of “Spring Garden.” Li Xiang, the company’s chief designer and founder, spoke with Insider.

Li created the abstract shapes that adorn the restroom interiors using flowers, plants, and insects as her source of inspiration from nature.
Visitors must pass through a lengthy passage that was designed to imitate “an immersive walk-through-a-garden experience” in order to access the restroom, according to Li.

The ceiling is decorated with insect-like decorations and wall lamps in the shape of flowers, while the room’s green walls are lined with plants that protrude through grilled windows. Even the shiny floor has a design resembling butterfly wings.

The men’s and women’s restrooms are separated by a lounge space at the end of the hallway, complete with a sofa decorated to resemble flower petals.

According to Li, all of the furniture and interior accents were specially created.

“We also included a lot of minor functional touches that might make the tourists’ lives easier,” Li continued. For instance, “we have wireless charging stations in the changing section of the restroom, while the sinks are created at different heights to serve both adult and child needs.”

Li also implemented softer lighting in the nursing room and automatic induction doors for the accessible restroom to make the space more comfortable for kids.

‘The integration is smooth and unobtrusive, but can nevertheless provide visitors surprises and convenience during use,’ Li added of the design elements in the room, which are both visually beautiful and practical.