Treasure discovered in a Texas school: A 1950s purse provides a “window into the past” and illuminates the woman’s life.

A decades-old relic from a loved one’s past has been reunited with a family in the United States.

In the summer of 2021, League City, Texas, completed renovations to turn an old school building into a community center. An ancient floorboard was discovered during construction to be a hidden treasure: a pocketbook that belonged to a young girl in the late 1950s.

Sydney Hunt, senior communications specialist for the Clear Creek Independent School District (ISD), told Fox News Digital over the phone that the handbag is “a window into the past.”

Sepia-toned photographs, a notebook, some pencils, a nail file set, and two handkerchiefs were all within the small pocketbook.
A calendar with the date “April 1959” was found in the bag, according to Hunt.

Armando Rodriguez, a contractor working on the League City School project and the one who discovered the pocketbook, stated in a video produced by the school system that it was the “only thing worth keeping” in a “pile of mess in the floorboards.”

In the same video, Richard Lewis, vice president of the League City Historical Society, described the pocketbook as “today’s Facebook.”
She “wrote about” who she broke up with in her writings about her love life.
Lewis observed that the wallet in the bag nearly read like a “diary” because it contained notes and pictures.
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“You’re taking notes for everything. He said that she wrote “about” who she broke up with as well as her love life.
The search for the owner of the handbag began as soon as it was found.

In an effort to track down the owner, the school district placed a notice on Facebook, noting that local genealogists were also looking into the matter.

Success came as a result of persistence.
The owner of the purse was recently identified, according to the school district, which confirmed this in a statement provided to Fox News Digital.

The owner of the lost purse has been identified as Andrea Beverly Williams, according to Clear Creek ISD and the League City Historical Society and City of League City, the district said.

The school system continued, “The Historical Society and the district received numerous reports from neighborhood genealogists after local news outlets covered the tale, which ultimately led to the confirmation.”

Williams was born in October 1945, the statement said, adding that she was using her middle name, which is why she wasn’t “showing up on any school or city records.”

The district continued, “The purse was believed to have been misplaced in April 1959, making her 13 at the time.”
She passed away in September 2016 and had nine children.
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On August 12, 1963, Williams wed William Augusta Paul.

According to Texas online marriage and divorce records on, the couple divorced in Texas on April 15, 1986, as noted by Fox13 in Memphis, Tennessee.

On October 12, 2022, “three girls were in attendance” to examine the purse, according to Hunt’s statement to Fox News Digital.
“Watching them dig through the purse and share memories of their mother was really touching,” said Hunt.
Deborah Hicks, one of Williams’ daughters and the sixth of Williams’ nine children, was overjoyed to find her mother’s childhood pocketbook.

People who knew Deborah Hicks’ mother “around that time” in her life have “reached out to us with more images and anecdotes,” which Deborah Hicks found to be “particularly wonderful.”

Hicks, a resident of League City, told Fox News Digital via email: “It was really amazing that my husband, a League City councilman, voted to renovate the school instead of tearing it down — of course, not knowing that he would be saving a part of League City history and a time capsule of my mom (his own mother-in-law).

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People who knew her mother “around that time” in her life have “come out to us with extra images and tales,” according to Hicks, and that has been “particularly pleasant.”

Mom remarked, “It has been amazing for my sisters and me to see some of the photos she collected, her tiny notebook, and personal belongings.”

Sisters Andrea Sanchez and Rhonda Dohr of Hicks both reside in League City, Texas, as well as nearby Pearland. Some of the siblings are in California, while others are in Texas but are located further from League City, according to Hicks.

In addition, she said, “We’re really having the chance to know her as a young person, before she met our dad and settled into being “Mom.”

Hicks also made fun of the fact that it was by far the smallest purse she has ever carried, as can be seen in a school district-shot video of the family looking at the bag.