What to know about alleged American baby name bans

Every year, millions of babies are born and given names in the United States, however some names or naming customs are allegedly forbidden by state governments.

This truth was supposedly discovered in 2020 when Tesla CEO Elon Musk and artist Grimes attempted to give their eldest son the name X A-12 in the state of California.

According to Fox News Digital, the couple changed the name’s number 12 to the Roman numeral XII, which is permissible and in compliance with California state law.

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According to The Bump, a parenting news website, other name regulations the Golden State upholds include limiting names to 26 English alphabet characters and prohibiting pictograms, emojis, and profane or insulting names.

What justifies states having a voice in citizens’ baby names?

The official online official reference to government information and services, usa.gov, makes note of the fact that birth certificate issuance falls within state jurisdiction as the cause.

According to a report by usbirthcertificates.com, an informational vital record obtaining guide independent of federal and state governments, the following five states in America are claimed to have name restrictions.

GEORGIA According to usbirthcertificates.com, the only symbols (including accents) that the state of Georgia forbids are those in baby names.
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NEXT YORK According to usbirthcertificates.com, first, middle, and last names can only be 30 and 40 characters long, respectively, for new parents in New York. According to reports, names with numbers or symbols are prohibited in the Empire State.

OHIO According to usbirthcertificates.com, Ohioans are not permitted to use numerals in their names, but they are permitted to use hyphens, apostrophes, and spaces.
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TEXAS According to usbirthcertificates.com, first, middle, and last names can only be typed using the English alphabet and are limited to 100 characters for Texans. Numbers and diacritical signs are purportedly forbidden in names in the Lone Star State.

VIRGINIA Usbirthcertificates.com states that names cannot contain numerals, symbols, or other special characters (including umlauts and tildes).

According to a report from usbirthcertificates.com, a few odd names have been attempted in different locations of the U.S. and subsequently declared unconstitutional by state courts.