Adam Kinzinger warns that these strategies could backfire and calls it “disgusting” for Democrats to endorse election deniers in the belief that they will be easily defeated.

This week, Rep. Adam Kinzinger urged Democrats not to support election skeptics with MAGA connections. He referred to doing so as “disgusting,” pointing out the possibility of these candidates really winning. He claimed that those who support such candidates are unaware of the “danger to democracy” they represent. For daily email delivery of the newest tech news and scoops, subscribe to our newsletter. Rep. Adam Kinzinger issued a warning to Democrats this week not to support “crazy” candidates in Republican primary elections.

Speaking to CNN, , Kinzinger warned the Democratic party against endorsing extreme GOP candidates only because they might seem like they would be easier to defeat.

In addition, Kinzinger, a member of the House committee looking into the Capitol incident, cautioned Democrats against endorsing “the crazy” in favor of a more straightforward victory and referred to fringe Republican candidates as a “serious threat” to democracy.

Kinzinger said to CNN, “I find that repulsive. “You believe you might have a better chance of winning.”

Don’t come to me after spending money to support an election skeptic in a primary, Kinzinger said, even though he believed that a certain proportion of Democrats understood the threat to democracy. Afterward, ask me, “Where are all the decent Republicans?”

Kinzinger was making reference to rumors that some Democrats were spending money on Republican opponents they thought would be easier to defeat. Organizations associated with the Democratic Party have reportedly spent over $44 million supporting far-right GOP candidates, according to the nonpartisan campaign spending watchdog Open Secrets, .

According to Open Secrets, this money has gone to a few well-known races in particular. For instance, the Trump-endorsed Doug Mastriano received a lift from a commercial that Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro purchased for over $800,000.

Mastriano allegedly served as the Trump campaign’s main person in Pennsylvania for organizing phony electors, according to The New York Times . Shapiro and Mastriano are now locked in a close contest for the position of governor.

This month, Democratic strategist David Axelrod criticized the House Democrats’ campaign arm for backing Rep. Peter Meijer, a Republican House member who voted to impeach Trump, in his right-wing primary challenge.

According to Open Secrets, Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois also spent over $35 million attempting to influence the Illinois gubernatorial primary . Richard Irvin, mayor of Aurora, is his opponent in the fall is now the Trump-endorsed state Sen. Bailey , who is beat a more moderate candidate .

Kinzinger bemoaned Pritzker’s choice to spend “tens of millions of dollars” supporting Bailey to CNN.
“Yes, Pritzker currently has a little advantage. a good year for Republicans, Bailey may win, “He told the publication.
Last week, Sen. Mitt Romney similarly urged Democrats to refrain from endorsing Republican candidates who publicly questioned the validity of the vote.

It’s not against the law, but it’s certainly dumb, he told The Huffington Post . “What you desire for, beware. You might choose someone who ends up winning, which would be bad for both the nation and your own party.”