After spotting 11 Chinese planes and warships approaching the island, Taiwan activates its missile systems and jets.

After detecting 11 Chinese aircraft and navy vessels in close proximity to the island on Saturday, Taiwan scrambled its jets, naval forces, and missile systems.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) spotted two navy ships and nine aircraft in and around the Taiwan Strait, including one that crossed the Air Military Identification Zone, according to Taipei’s defense ministry (ADIZ).


China has been holding wargames in the area for several months, but its most recent deployment of military personnel occurs just days after senior PLA officers declared that their forces were “on full-time standby” for conflict in the Taiwan Strait, as first reported by the South China Morning Post on Saturday.

Following orders from Chinese President Xi Jinping to “completely boost training and preparedness for war,” an ominous message was sent out.

Major General Liu Yantong, head of the research bureau of the Central Military Commission, stated in a report presented to the congress of the Chinese Communist Party that “we must always maintain a high state of readiness and be ready for war at all times,” adding that “we must be fully prepared to respond to external interference and major incidents relating to Taiwan independence through non-peaceful means and other necessary measures.”

Another high-ranking official reportedly declared that China’s military will be “resolute” in thwarting Taipei’s attempts to declare independence or subject itself to outside meddling.
China warns that this move could ‘trigger’ an arms race as the US prepares to send B-52 bombers to Australia.
Leading Democratic figures from the G7 on Friday released an united statement cautioning China against changing the local “status quo.”

“The situation in and around the East and South China Seas continues to worry us greatly.” We vehemently reject any actions that heighten tensions and threaten regional stability,’ they declared in reference to China’s deployment of naval forces.

Taiwan claims to be a sovereign country with democratic ideals, but as part of the one-China policy, China, the United Nations, and the United States all formally recognize it.