A Leeds Domino’s pizza restaurant changed its name in honor of a former employee who helped England win the European Championship.

When she was a student, Lucy Bronze, a star for England’s women, worked at Domino’s. The chain has given one of its locations the new moniker “Lucy’s” in her honor. The Lionesses won Euro 2022 on Sunday thanks in part to bronze. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! One of England’s European championship winners who once worked at the location was honored when the top pizza chain Domino’s revamped one of its locations.

In the early 2010s, Lucy Bronze was a chef at the Headingley Domino’s restaurant when she was a student at Leeds Beckett University.

Since then, she has played professionally for clubs like Everton, Manchester City, and Barcelona, among others. On Sunday, she won the Euro 2022 trophy after supporting England’s victory over Germany in the championship game at Wembley.

The Domino’s Headingley location’s name was changed to “Lucy’s” prior to the championship. How long the name will be used is unknown.

Customers called Lucy who picked up their food from the restaurant on Sunday were also given a complimentary pizza, according to Andrew Disbury (@Dizzybugspin), and delivery drivers were also outfitted in bronze helmets in honor of the 30-year-old celebrity.

Domino’s operations manager told Leeds Live that the restaurant giant is pleased with Bronze’s “journey from pizza to pitch.”