After sucker punching a female referee following a minor foul call, a soccer player was taken into custody on the pitch.

After sucker punching a female official from behind in Buenos Aires, a football player was detained. The player was flagged for a foul and one of his teammates was given a yellow card before the attack. The referee sought medical attention and wants the player permanently suspended. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Following a vicious attack on a female referee, a soccer match was called off and a player was taken into custody.

The referee was struck from behind by Cristian Tirone of Argentina’s Club Deportivo Garmense, who was detained on the field.

Tirone fiercely contested the official’s apparent foul call against him. One of Tirone’s teammates received a yellow card for protest as he was being dragged away by teammates.

When Tirone was able to escape, she attacked the referee from behind and punched her in the head, causing her to fall. The player was taken into custody by police after being chased from the field by the assistant referees.

The title for this video, according to Twitter, is: “Attack committed cowardly on a female referee by a soccer player during the Tres Arroyos League reserve match between Independencia and Garmense. Dalma Cortadi is the victim, while Cristian Tirone is the offender.”

Atty. Csar Luis Merlo July 31, 2022 After the incident, the game was stopped, and Cortadi was brought to according to La Nacion hospital.

She then claimed that she was held under observation at the hospital for a knock to the head and scrapes and bruises on her arms, according to the Ol News (via La Nacion).

Cortadi reportedly said to Ol, “This circumstance hurts me at work since it prevents me from working,” according to Google translate. “I must now be courageous. The punches hurt me a lot. You must expel him permanently. He has no place in any club. He is a violent individual. He must be living his regular life as well. A regular person would not have done what this man did, as I witnessed on the video. No one is deserving of this. We don’t attend the “matches” expecting to lose. I hope he is made to pay for his actions.”

After the attack, the club released the following statement:

“Given the events that took place this Sunday during the Third Division football game between Garmense and Independencia that was played in the city of Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, during which a player from Garmense physically attacked the woman who served as the referee, the Club expresses its vehement rejection of this action that is at odds with the spirit that the practice of this sport is intended to instill. The Institution pledges to continue working to eradicate violence in all of its forms and to train athletes with values like discipline, camaraderie, commitment, and, most importantly, respect and tolerance. It also expresses its solidarity with the official who was attacked, apologizes, makes itself available to her, and expresses its regret for what happened. — The Football Sub-Commission and the Board of Directors.”