At a concert in Chicago, Harry Styles received a bottle-like blow to the groin: Just shake it off

At a recent concert in Chicago, Harry Styles appeared to take a bottle to the groin, but he recovered like a Taylor Swift song.

The singer of “As It Was” was speaking to his fans during his performance at the United Center and discussing the weather in Chicago when he was struck by what appeared to be a bottle in a very delicate place.

As it has sadly become more frequent for artists to be targeted on stage at their shows—whether out of appreciation or terror—tweets about the incident quickly went viral.

Styles started to feel uncomfortable right away, wincing before adding, “Now that’s unfortunate,” into the microphone.
In a viral video, “DON’T WORRY DARLING” star Harry Styles appears to rip into co-star Chris Pine.

Back in August, during Harry Styles’ stop on the “Love On Tour” in New York City, fans turned the ex-boy band member into a target and threw food at him while he was on stage.