Conservative Latinos switching to the GOP, say Democratic strategists, because “they don’t like socialists”

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Democratic strategists discussed a poll that showed a significant shift of conservative Latino voters from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. They claimed that the crime, the treatment of Latino voters as if they were single-issue voters, and the embrace of the far-left all contributed to the change.

NBC News, Telemundo, and the Wall Street Journal polls found that 49% of self-described conservative Latinos wanted Democrats to lead Congress in 2012, 9 points higher than they wanted Republicans to. Conservative Latinos will back Republicans in Congress by 73% to 17% in September 2022, giving the GOP a 56-point advantage.

Hank Sheinkopf, a seasoned Democratic political adviser and the president of Sheinkopf Communications, said of the Latino community: “They don’t like the socialists.” They dislike having the abortion debate constantly pressed upon them. They object to crime. They dislike the confusion. They’re responding, too.

Sheinkopf continued by saying that Democrats “always” perform worse than they anticipate when “chaos” is present in the country. He also warned that Democrats are “failing to comprehend” that abortion is not the “be-all and end-all.”

The treatment of Hispanic voters by Democrats is criticized by Latino Republicans running in Texas border districts.

Sheinkopf asserted that when there is economic upheaval or a perceived crime problem, “crime and anarchy take over, and the economy,” noting that traditionally the party in power always struggles in these situations.

So you’re now experiencing a rise in crime across the country, Sheinkopf added. “Homicides are on the rise. Who bears the cost of situations like that? the ruling party.

While acknowledging that the poll is “a bit of an outlier,” Democratic strategist Jennifer Holdsworth told Fox News Digital that Democrats should speak to the Latino community about issues other than immigration, particularly in border counties where Republicans have made significant gains with Hispanic voters in recent years.


I believe that the Hispanic community has made significant progress away from voting on a particular topic. Not just immigration is at issue. They belong to a religious group. There are numerous little companies. Healthcare and housing costs are the issues. Ironically, it touches on several topics that Democrats are quite passionate about. But if we only address the Latino and Hispanic population when we speak to those voters, we’re doing ourselves a disservice.

Holdsworth asserts that she thinks the Democratic Party is appropriately taking action and spending resources to counter the Latino vote movement to the GOP.

Holdsworth praised Democratic messaging efforts, saying, “I’ve seen a significant push to start messaging on small companies a lot, a lot more regularly, and I think that’ll make a difference.”


Former deputy national press secretary for the Democratic Party and Democratic strategist Jose Aristimuo told Fox News Digital that Democrats “need to do a better job at all levels in ensuring that we convey to Latinos on the things that they care about.”

According to Aristimuo, Latinos share the same level of concern for these issues as the rest of America. They are concerned about the economy, health care, education, and, obviously, crime and other issues.

Democrats, according to Aristimuo, ought to highlight Biden’s accomplishments, such as the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS Act, which have, in his opinion, improved the lives of Latinos by granting them more access to healthcare and setting limits on prescription drug costs.


Democrats, according to Aristimuo, should do a better job of emphasizing it.

Aristimuo said that the Democratic Party’s “hard left,” which includes progressive Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has alienated moderate Latino voters and called the far-left wing of the party “destructive.”

Although Aristimuo dismissed the popular understanding that conservative Latino voters, particularly women, back the Republican position on abortion, he nonetheless took a positive tone regarding the Democratic chances in the next midterm elections and predicted they will do “just fine.”

GOP candidate for the House Monica de la Cruz claims that Democrats and the media are ignorant of the Hispanic community in South Texas.

When I speak to Latinas in the community, they may respond, “No, I would never have an abortion, but I don’t think abortion should be prohibited,” as a personal choice. said Aristimuo. Despite the fact that they may be religious, they do accept and feel that the government has a part to play in this.

According to recent polling from NBC News and Telemundo, Democrats have significantly lost ground to Republicans among Latino voters compared to previous election cycles. While 51% of Latino voters approve of President Biden’s overall job performance, only 42% do so for how he has handled the border and only 41% do so for how he has handled the economy.