Mercedes discovered in a California yard is associated with a prior resident who had a history of arrests: A “corrupt history”

A lost Mercedes-Benz discovered in the yard of a California home was linked to a man with a criminal past and reported stolen thirty years prior, according to KTVU reports. .

According to the police, on Thursday morning, the Silicon Valley residents were working on a landscaping job when they discovered the automobile.
In the 300 block of Stockbridge Avenue, a $15 million estate was the scene of a police call from the Atherton Police Department.
According to Mayor Rick DeGolia, the car was four to five feet underneath and held unused bags of concrete.


Although cadaver dogs on Thursday indicated there may have been human remains nearby, none had been discovered more than 24 hours after the San Mateo County Crime Lab started digging up the car.

The convertible was reported stolen in Palo Alto, close to Stanford University, in September 1992, and authorities believe it was buried sometime in the 1990s, before the current owners bought the house.

Technicians had unlocked the trunk and buried the automobile with the top down.

The prospective owner of the Mercedes is thought to be deceased, but authorities are awaiting DMV documents to confirm that, according to Atherton Police Cmdr. Daniel Larsen, who also stated that the present homeowners are not under investigation.

According to reports, Johnny Lew, the man who built the house, had previously been detained for murder, attempted murder, and insurance fraud.
Months after the destructive car attack, criminals in California burst into an ice cream shop.

According to Lew’s daughter, Jacq Searle, who spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle, the family resided on the property in the 1990s, and her father passed away there in 2015.

Lew was convicted of killing a 21-year-old woman in Los Angeles County in 1966, and after the state’s Supreme Court overturned the verdict two years later, he was allowed to leave jail.

According to court documents quoted by the newspaper, the court admitted hearsay evidence that shouldn’t have been admitted at trial.

He was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder more than ten years later, in 1977, and was sentenced to three years in prison.

According to The Chronicle, Lew recruited undercover police operatives to take a $1.2 million boat “out west of the Golden Gate Bridge into foreign seas and put it on the bottom” before being apprehended for insurance fraud in the late 1990s.

Larsen omitted to say whether the police thought Lew had registered the car.