The reasons Matthew Perry never found love and why he will only date wealthy women are revealed.

The difficulties he faced in his sexual life and his previous relationships have been discussed openly by Matthew Perry.
In his brand-new book, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” the “Friends” actor discusses both his love life and his fight with addiction.

Perry said to People about why none of his love relationships were successful, “That was me terrified. I represent something wrong with them, and that is what I manifest. I then end my relationship with them. However, not everyone must be suffering from a problem. I’m the link between everything. I fled initially because I believed I would be completely destroyed.

The “Friends” actor also discussed his future dating preferences, openly admitting that he will only date wealthy women as a result of bad dating experiences in the past.


I no longer want to spend time with people I don’t know or who I’m not very interested in hanging out with, Perry said. “The next person I really take seriously is someone I’m going to fall in love with and not be intimidated by the things that used to worry me—someone who can sustain themselves.” In every manner, but financially especially because I’ve been burnt a few times by ladies who only cared about my money.

When asked about any dating dealbreakers, Perry reaffirmed his dedication to finding a lady who isn’t only interested in his money: “People who I start to think are in it for the money.” And it occurs more frequently than you might expect. Someone with their own wealth is really important to me.