There is a waiting list to purchase Kim Kardashian’s new SKIMS swim gloves due to their immense popularity.

A pair of elbow-length gloves costing $48 is part of Kim Kardashian’s new SKIMS line. According to the description, the gloves are a “swim accessory” made of “stretchy swim fabric.” The gloves seem to be the only item in the collection that has sold out so far, despite the mixed reviews. Join Morning Brew to receive the greatest tips for living more wisely. Only one item from Kim Kardashian’s new SKIMS Swim collection appears to have entirely sold out so far: gloves.

The star of “The Kardashians” debuted her swimwear line in March with a selection of one-pieces, two-pieces, and cover-ups. Although they were absent from the first SKIMS Swim collection, elbow-length gloves seem to be a popular item in the second one.

The “swim gloves” cost $48 and are available on the SKIMS website in seven different colors. They appear to be the sole product for which purchasers must sign up for a wait list.

Kardashian did tell Vogue she wished to conflate ordinary clothing with swimwear.

The idea of wearing swimwear in the water or at the beach is obvious, she claimed, but she would frequently ask herself, “What am I wearing beyond that while reclining by the pool, boating with kids, enjoying water sports, or going out to dinner on vacation?”

In addition, Kardashian said, “My objective has always been to provide a full wardrobe of possibilities and bridge the gap between in and out of the water.

Danya Issawi of the New York Times tweeted on Thursday that some customers were going to have “ the gnarliest tan lines…

Twitter user @danya issawi July 28, 2022 Blogger Estelle Puleston of the lingerie industry tweeted that may be having a “revival.” was wearing gloves.

Estelle Puleston has an July 26, 2022 rating on Twitter. In any case, this isn’t the first time Kardashian has publicly expressed her idea that gloves may serve as swimwear. She posted pictures of herself in a black long-sleeved swimsuit, bikini bottoms, and what appeared to be motorcycle gloves in an Instagram carousel in January, and the post received over 7.5 million likes.

Additionally, in May, she posted photos from her Sports Illustrated photo shoot on Instagram, where she was seen donning latex gloves and a bikini. Her post received over 5 million likes.