Who won the Senate debate in Pennsylvania? People comment on Dr. Oz’s position on abortion and Fetterman’s health.

Candidates for the Pennsylvania Senate John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz disagree on Fetterman’s suitability for office, abortion, fracking, and other important subjects.

The initial and sole discussion between U.S. On Tuesday night, Pennsylvanian voters had the chance to hear Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman defend their positions on abortion rights, fracking, and other topics.

However, Fetterman’s health was at the forefront of the discussion because he had a stroke five months ago, and the two camps have disagreed about its implications.

The Oz campaign has made a big deal out of Fetterman’s health, claiming he is unfit for office. The Democrat, though, maintains that he has recovered sufficiently to serve in government.

In this collection of archive images, Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman of Pennsylvania (left), and Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz are both running for the Senate in 2022. (AP Picture)

According to Natalie Allison of Politico, “the capacity to comprehend discourse in real time and respond is a lasting barrier, and that was certainly a big concern tonight for Fetterman.”

Others commended Fetterman for having the courage and willingness to engage in the discussion in the first place considering the effects of the stroke.
For agreeing to the discussion, political analyst Ana Navarro-Cárdenas complimented Fetterman’s “courage, humility, and honesty.”

She stated, “Fetterman is aware that his stroke has left him with hearing and processing problems. He had the option to decline, just like some other applicants. Instead, he walked in front of the crowd to show his struggles and recovery.

He received praise for his bravery from USA Today columnist Connie Schultz as well.
“There are no exceptions; time catches up with everyone.” Few people would have his fortitude to openly recover,’ she added.
Reporter for The Hill Al Weaver stated that Fetterman’s team should not have allowed him to debate.

Democrats have the same question after the debate: Why did Fetterman’s team allow him to speak tonight? Nobody on the left that I’ve spoken to has anything positive to say about what just happened,’ he tweeted.

Allie Beth Stuckey, a conservative commentator, stepped in and said, “Dr. It’s rather astonishing how Oz manages to maintain a neutral expression while Fetterman consistently struggles to think of a single meaningful thought.

Clay Travis of OutKick referred to Fetterman’s debate performance as a “disgrace” and said that he was “not well.”

I can’t tell you enough how disastrous this discussion is for “Fetterman.” In another tweet, Travis wrote, “I’ve never seen anything like it. “This race is finished, finished, finished.”

As the candidate failed to develop an immediate response to some questions, journalist Bari Weiss called Fetterman’s performance at the debate “difficult to watch.”
Liz Plank, a columnist for MSNBC, responded to the abuse Fetterman was receiving by calling it “ableism” to make harsh remarks about his health.

Reactions to the actual policy being discussed were divided, with some criticizing Fetterman for appearing to change his opinion on topics like fracking and a Medicare-for-All plan supported by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT.

Fetterman frequently declared his opposition to fracking and even joined a petition to outlaw it. The Republican National Committee tweeted, “ROLL THE TAPE.”
Dr. Oz also came under fire, particularly for his response to the question of whether abortion services should be made legal or illegal.

Oz argued that the federal government shouldn’t get involved in the abortion decisions made by the states. “As a doctor, I’ve been present when very challenging conversations have taken place. I absolutely do not want the federal government to get involved in it. I want the democracy that has always helped our country to prosper to allow women, doctors, and local political leaders to provide the greatest ideas so that states can make their own decisions.

Paul Begala, a political analyst for CNN, criticized the remark, saying it cost Oz the entire debate.
Jen Psaki, a former press secretary for the White House, also condemned the statement.

Remember when it was planned that Oz would dominate Fetterman during the discussion with his rhetorical prowess? It turns out his plan was to get you and the local political figures into the doctor’s office,” she wrote.

Political analyst Brian Tyler Cohen noted that Fetterman nearly immediately raised $1 million after the debate, and he hypothesized that Oz’s remark may have persuaded voters who were still uncertain to support Fetterman.

After seeing the debate, at least one Independent Pennsylvania voter is switching their vote.
The voter said to NewsNation presenter Chris Cuomo, “I was obviously going towards Fetterman, and I think I have entirely moved to the Oz side.”

In several national polls, Oz is in second place to Fetterman by a margin of error of /- 2.3 points. Election day is set for November 8.