With his alienated family, Aaron Rodgers believes that there is a “possibility of reconciliation” at some point.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Aaron Rodgers may be prepared to make amends with his estranged relatives.

According to reports, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and his family had a falling out in 2014. When his brother Jordan Rodgers made an appearance on “The Bachelorette,” the matter was made public, although neither party has ever disclosed the precise origin of the disagreement.

In a recent interview, the NFL star has now spoken candidly about the “possibility of reconciliation.”
On the “Aubrey Marcus Podcast,” Rodgers stated, “I do believe in healing and I believe in the potential of reconciliation at some time.”

Aaron Rodgers, left, revealed he's open to the possibility of reconciling with his estranged family, including his brother, Jordan Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers, shown on the left, said he’s open to the idea of making amends with his estranged relatives, which would include his brother Jordan Rodgers. (Getty)

But everyone of us is on a unique journey, and making assumptions about how things ought to be, how they ought to appear, or who is right or wrong, is just a game I’ve never wanted to play and still don’t want to play.

“My deep love and thanks for them, the lessons I’ve learned, the manner I was raised, and hope for the future are the most important things for me,” he concluded. But who can predict how the future will develop, when it will occur, or what it will look like.

“No hatred in {his} heart,” according to Rodgers, was his explanation.

According to reports,

Rodgers reportedly had a falling out with his family in 2014.

Rodgers and his family had a falling out in 2014. Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo

I don’t feel resentful, he continued. “I really have great love and appreciation for the lessons I learned and the reality that I wouldn’t be sitting here today if I hadn’t been taught that way, with all the good and all the frustrating.”

Rodgers last discussed his time with his parents in the media in 2018. He stated that he was celebrating his birthday “with his folks.”
In the podcast conversation, Rodgers also discussed his friendship with racing car driver Danica Patrick.

The NFL player remarked that his connection with Danica was fantastic for him since she was on her own spiritual path and valued it. We were both figuring things out, learning about various topics, and honing our meditation skills.

Prior to their breakup in 2020,

Rodgers dated Danica Patrick for two years before they split in 2020.

Rodgers dated Danica Patrick for two years. (AP)

Before breaking up in 2020, the two started dating in 2018. With Shailene Woodley, actor Rodgers quickly moved on. In February 2021, the two announced their engagement; however, they broke up a year later.

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